CWO/Adjuc Andy Boudreau, CD

    Chief Warrant Officer André Boudreau was born in Yarmouth Nova Scotia. He joined the CF on July 3, 1972 as an Artilleryman in the Reserves and transferred to the Regular Force in May 1977.

    During his time with the Artillery he completed tours in Germany and Egypt. He was posted to the Artillery School and Range Control in CFB Gagetown, while in Gagetown he completed his Combats Leaders Course with 2RCR and Artillery 6A. Posted to CFB Shilo in 1981 he served with the RCA Battle School and 3 RCHA.

    In January 1985 CWO Boudreau left the Guns to join the Engineers as a MOC 611, CE Tech (Survey and Drafting). He graduated TQ3 in July 1985, and reverted to Cpl from Sgt. His first posting was to 1 Construction Engineering Unit (1 CEU) at CFB Winnipeg. There he applied his new trade working on drawings for large projects in Alert and around the world. When not in the office he was away from home surveying runways and Radar Sites across Canada and the Arctic.

    In September 1987 he was off to CFSME for his TQ5 Course and in the summer of 1988 he was posted to CFB Baden Soellingen, Germany. In 1989 he was promoted to MCpl. He was over ranked for his position therefore; in 1990 he was posted to the CE Section in CFB Cornwallis. In 1991 he was promoted Sgt and posted to CE CFB Gagetown, where he supervised the Drafting Office. In 1993 he was off to CFSME for his 6A course. In 1995 he was posted to 1 CEU Moncton and went on his 6B course that fall. That was the last Construction and Maintenance Technician MOC 615 Course to be held in CFB Chilliwack.

    The 5 years in 1 CEU 1995-2000 were spent on survey jobs in locations like Dundern, Borden, Petawawa, Valcartier, Alert and Eureka to mention a few. During this five year period he also completed two six-month tours of Bosnia with the Works and Design Company in Sarajevo and a TAV to Macedonia, KFOR, ROTO 0.

    Promoted to WO in 1999, he was posted to CE 14 Wing Greenwood in 2000 and deployed to Alert as the Production Superintendent from Feb to Aug 200. In 2002 he was promoted to MWO and posted to CE CFB Halifax where held several jobs, OPS MWO, Contacts Officer and the Naval Construction Troop Officer. In the fall of 2004 he deployed on OP UNISON to the Southern US after Hurricane Katrina. Getting there was the big adventure with a 6 day sail on HMCS Toronto.

    CWO Boudreau was posted to CFSME as the Construction Engineering Training Squadron Sergeant-Major in July 2006. He was promoted to CWO in 2008 and posted to ADM(IE) in Ottawa.

    In July 2009 he became the first Chaplain Branch CWO and in 2011 he moved to CANOSCOM OS Engr Gp.

    CWO Boudreau and his wife Beverly will be retiring in Nova Scotia where he will build a house and get ready for hunting season.