CWO N.J (Nick) Manoukarakis, MMM, CD

    • CWO N.J (Nick) Manoukarakis, MMM, CD

    CWO N.J (Nick) Manoukarakis, MMM, CD will be retiring from the CAF on 05 Sept 2015 after more than 32 years of dedicated service to the CAF and the CME Branch (Bio Attached).

    A retirement ceremony will take place at the CFB Petawawa WOs & Sgts Mess at 1230 hrs on 28 May 2015. Dress will be dress of the day or smart casual. Congratulatory messages or anecdotes can be sent to the DwD OPI, MWO GT Gombert at 613-687-5511 x5396. Please confirm your attendance to MWO Gombert NLT 15 May 15.

    CWO Nicolas John Manoukarakis began his military career at the age of 17 in June of 1979 with the 709 Tor Comms Regt (PRes) as a Lineman. In May 1983 he saw “the light” and transferred to the Regular force as a 041 Combat Engineer. Upon graduation from the Canadian Forces Recruit School, Cornwallis, NS and completion of the 041 QL3 course at the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineers in Chilliwack, BC, he was posted to 1 Combat Engineer Regiment, Chilliwack, BC. In August 1985, CWO Manoukarakis was posted to 4 Combat Engineer Regiment, Lahr Germany, where he served with 1 Troop 41 Fd Sqn, as a section member and later as section 2IC.

    In July 1991, CWO Manoukarakis was posted to 2 Tp (Para), 2 Combat Engineer Regiment, Special Service Force, in Petawawa, ON. Here he assumed the duties of section 2IC. During this time he served in the Persian Gulf, on OP RECORD with 29 Fd Sqn (1992), and on OP HARMONY with the 1 RCR BG Croatia (1994). In July 1995, CWO Manoukarakis was posted to 4 Engineer Support Regiment, Gagetown, NB. He assumed the duties of section commander, and later Recce Sgt 22 Fd Tp, 42 Fd Sqn. During this time he served in Sarajevo as a de-mining instructor (1997) as part of OP NOBLE and later as part of the 2 RCR BG in Zgon (1999). In September 1999, CWO Manoukarakis was posted to Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering, Gagetown, NB, in Bridging Troop as an instructor. While there he was promoted to WO.

    July 2002, CWO Manoukarakis was posted back to 2 Combat Engineer Regiment, as the 1 Tp WO, 23 Fd Sqn. He deployed to Bosnia for his fourth and final tour in the FRY (2003) with the RCD BG and just under a year after returning from Bosnia, he deployed yet again in Jan 2005 as the 23 Fd Sqn SQMS to Kabul Afghanistan.

    July 2005, CWO Manoukarakis was posted as Ops WO to the Royal Military College, Kingston, ON. In July 2006, after promotion to MWO he was posted to Peace Support Training Centre, Kingston, ON as the Training Coy SgtMaj, and also assumed the role of A/ RSM of the centre from Sept 2006 until July 2007.

    In July 2009, CWO Manoukarakis was again posted back to 2 Combat Engineer Regiment, as SSM 28 Adm Sqn. In Feb of 2010, he returned back to 23 Fd Sqn as the SSM, and deployed as part of the 1 RCR BG, on TF 1-10, Kandahar.

    Following a year-long French course, in August 2011, CWO Manoukarakis was posted to the 1st Canadian Division Headquarters, Kingston, ON, as the J3 Ops MWO and then as the Headquarters Sgt Maj. I

    n March of 2013, CWO Manoukarakis was invested into the Order of Military Merit (Member). He was promoted to his present rank in May of 2013 and appointed Regimental Sergeant Major of 2 Combat Engineer Regiment. He held that position until May of 2014, when medical conditions forced him to step down as RSM.

    CWO Manoukarakis is married to MWO (Ret’d) Michele Manoukarakis, MMM,CD (nee McFarlane) who in 2013 retired as an RMS Clk MWO, after 30 years of loyal and dedicated service to Canada.

    They have two sons, Christopher who is an NCI Op with the Royal Canadian Navy, and Sean who works at CFB Petawawa, and is attending College in the fall of 2015. Nick, Michele and Sean will be moving to Lunenburg County NS where Nick plans to relax, drink lots of red wine, eat lobster, and enjoy life.