CWO Daniel Libby, MMM, CD

    • CWO Daniel Libby, MMM, CD

    Chief Warrant Officer Daniel Libby was born in Trenton Ontario in 1961. His parents were Warrant Officer (WO) (Retired) Stephen and Donna Libby from St. Stephen N.B. He has a younger brother who currently is serving in the C.F. and a sister who resides in Saint John N.B. He joined the Canadian Forces on the 27 July 1984 in Halifax, N.S. as a 041 Field Engineer. After Basic training in Cornwallis, N.S., he continued on with Field Engineering TQ 3 training in Chilliwack B.C. Upon graduating in May 1985, he was immediately sent to Wainwright on Rendezvous 85 as part of 1 Troop, 22 Field Squadron (Fd Sqn).

    He served with 22 Fd Sqn in CFB Gagetown for a short time before his remuster in 1988 to 141 Topographical Surveyor at Mapping and Charting Establishment (MCE) in Ottawa which had its own school to conduct trades qualifications and do mapping production. By 1992, after various survey jobs on Ellesmere Island and around Chilliwack Lake, CWO Libby completed his 6A survey trade qualification and was promoted to Sgt and posted to Directorate of Imagery Exploitation in Tunney’s Pasture as the Mapping Subject Matter Expert (SME).

    In 1997, after working 4 years in an intelligence environment and upon promotion to WO, he was posted to CFB Gagetown to complete a Geodesy and Geomatics Post Graduate Diploma at University of New Brunswick. After successful completion of the diploma, CWO Libby did a variety of base plant production jobs at MCE as Digital Response Team Leader, Troop Technical Production Control Officer and Troop WO. In 1999, he was deployed to Kosovo for 6 months with the 1 PPCLI Battlegroup as the Geomatics Team Leader. Upon completion of the deployment, CWO Libby was posted to Digital Production Squadron (DP Sqn) at MCE where he filled a variety of senior positions within the squadron until promotion to Master Warrant Officer (MWO) on the 1st Mar 2001 and subsequent appointment to SSM DP Sqn.

    As a MWO, he was employed as the SSM in DP Sqn, Chief Instructor in the School of Military Mapping, MOSART SME, Occupational Specification Implementation Plan Team Leader and MCE Training MWO. Upon promotion to Chief Warrant Officer in June 2006, CWO Libby was employed as the Geo Tech Senior Occupation Advisor and on 1 April 2007 became the first School Chief Warrant Officer for the School of Military Mapping.

    Chief Warrant Officer Libby assumed his current appointment as the 24th Regimental Sergeant-Major for Mapping and Charting Establishment on the 29th June 2008. His hobbies include golf, fastball and a CF Sports Scholarship playing and coaching military hockey. Chief Warrant Officer Libby and his wife, Lynn Libby, reside in Russell, Ontario.