CWO Chris LaSalle, CD

    • CWO Chris LaSalle, CD

    CWO Chris La Salle was born in Burlington, Ontario. He was heavily influenced by his scout leaders with their past military service, leading him to join the Canadian Forces on 28 Aug 1986 in Hamilton. He took his basic training at CFB Cornwallis, followed by QL3 training in CFB Chilliwack, then by his first posting to 2 CER. Further postings to 4 CER, Lahr, West Germany, being posted back home to 2 CER, then off to a rewarding experience with CFSME, an exchange posting to Fort Leonardwood, Missouri, and then lastly from CFSME to 4 ESR in Gagetown.

    CWO La Salle was deployed with the first UN mission to Croatia, March to Oct 1992 and then on a second UN deployment to Bosnia from October 1994 to May 1995. After a short few months of leave, he was sent back into Bosnia as part of the first IFOR (NATO) mission in January 1996. His last UN deployment was with UNDOF in the Golan Heights, Syria, July 2005 to March 2006. Various domestic deployments include the 1997 Winnipeg Flood, the 1998 Ice Storm. 

    In 2006, CWO La Salle took his first retirement for a short break from the military after 20 years of service. A move to the Ottawa area with his wife, Dominique Allard, where she is flourishing in her career. The very next year, in 2007, he joined 3 Field Engineer Squadron, later designated, 33 Combat Engineer Regiment in Ottawa. In 2007, he started working at CEFCOM for the J-Engr section conducting Country Info and IED-EOD Intelligence work. In 2015, he moved over to DGCB to work on the new CAFJES, the job evaluation system for the purpose of pay. He deployed with 33 CER in 2017 during Op LENTIS with a bridge build in Laval, Quebec. He has also been an active member of the CMEA acting as Resrve Unit Representative on ther National Committee.

    On 06 October 2020, CWO La Salle was promoted and appointed as RSM of 33 CER. He was looking forward to the challenge of training and guiding the unit through the COVID-19 era. However, reality set in and CWO La Salle was diagnosed with leukaemia on 26 November 2020 and as a result, he will be taking a medical release, effective 01 May 2021 and concentrate on healing himself over the next six to 12 months and getting back to being healthy.

    CWO La Salle is very grateful for the friends and knowledge gained, the many adventures, and the misadventures during his career. CWO La Salle thanks all those that mentored and guided him, thanks to all those that have kept him grounded with their comradery and most importantly, their sense of humour. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, there will be no DwD at this time, any farewell messages or jokes can be emailed to

    Chimo !