CWO // Adjuc Doug Neale, CD (Ret'd)

    • Mme Karen Ellis presenting the ADM(IE) Plaque to Mr. Neale // Mme Karen Ellis présente la plaque de départ du SMA(IE) à M. Neale
    • MGen Ed Fitch presenting Mr. Neale with his 45 Years Service Certificate //  Le mgén Ed Fitch présente le certificat de 45 années de service à M. Neale
    • Col John Tattersall presenting the J3 Engr Ops Certificate to Mr. Neale //  Le col John Tattersall présente le certificat du J3 Génie Ops à M. Neale

    Mr. Doug Neale Farewell Ceremony – 16 Sep 05

    Members of the Engineer family gathered at the Ottawa Army Officer’s Mess on 16 September 2005, to celebrate the long and distinguished career of Mr. Doug Neale. Doug retired from the Public Service after a career spanning over 45 years of loyal and dedicated service with the Canadian Military Engineers.

    Doug entered military service at the age of 17 in 1960, retiring 33 years later as the CFB Chilliwack Base CWO in 1993. As if it was not enough, he stayed on with the Engineers for an additional 12 years as the Canadian Forces expert on military engineer equipment. Doug ‘s wife Linda accompanied him at the ceremony. Also in attendance were Mme Karen Ellis, MGen ES Fitch, BGen DJRS Benjamin, BGen SM Irwin (Retired), Col JMC Rousseau, Col JK Tattersall, Col RW Deslauriers, Col R St-John (Retired), CWO G Lacroix, and CWO G Arcand.

    Mr. Neale received several presentations during the ceremony. These included the Public Service Retirement Certificate, the 45 Years Service Certificate and Gift, the ADM(IE) Plaque, and several other mementos. A stand- up lunch followed the presentations, during which the guests were entertained with a slide presentation, entitled “ It’s a Doug’s World”.