Customs and Traditions of the Canadian Military Engineers

Coutumes et traditions du Génie militaire canadien

This edition has been superceded by the 2018 edition at

The CME Branch publishes a complete compendium of Canadian Engineer customs, officially titled "Customs and Traditions of the Canadian Military Engineers" A-JS-007-003/JD-001, but traditionally known as the "Red Book".

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Instrumental versions of 'Wings', the CME March Past and the traditional drinking song 'Hurrah for the CRE' are also available for download. There are vocal versions of 'Hurrah for the CRE' on YouTube, as well as recorded videos of Wings. The CME shares this music with the Royal Engineers and other Commonwealth Sappers.

  • Wings contains two tunes: "The Path Across the Hills", a traditional tune from Germany; and "Wings", a Victorian ballad composed on 1850 by a Miss Dickinson. Click here for more detailed description of the song's origin. Click here for the words to the song.
  • Hurrah for the CRE originated during the South African War is sung in a mixture of English and Zulu. Click here for the words.