Cpl Yvon Paradis, CD

    • Cpl Yvon Paradis, CD

    After 42+ years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch, Cpl Yvon Paradis, CD will retire on 12 July 2019.  A Depart with Dignity ceremony will take place on Friday, 05 July 2019 at the Kitty Hawk room (Sgt’s and WO’s Mess) CFB Bagotville, at 1100 hrs. Please confirm your participation to the OPI before 05 July 2019. Those who wish to attend, please contact Sgt Shawn Eddison (shawn.eddison2@forces.gc.ca) for further information. Anecdotes or retirement wishes may be sent to Sgt Shawn Eddison (shawn.eddison2@forces.gc.ca).

    Cpl Paradis was born on July 13, 1959 in Montreal QC. His family of 4 consisted of his mother, sister and his father, who was a veteran of the 2nd World War with the Mount Royal Rifle Regiment, located in Montreal, QC. He was married in 1981 from whom he has 2 children, Gabriel who is a mechanic (RCEME) with 12 RBC, CFB Valcartier, and Méranny who is a veterinary secretary. After 39 years of marriage, he still loves it every day and would like to make it known that he is very proud of both his son and daughter.

    Cpl Paradis joined the CAF in Montreal on August 11, 1976 as a terminal technician. 11 days after, on 22 of August, 1976, he entered the recruit school in St-Jean. After his recruit training he attended the language school in CFB Borden in Nov 1976 and his TQ1 Technical school in electronics from April 1977-July 1977. In July of 1977, Cpl Paradis received his OT to the Combat Engineers where he was posted to CFSME Chilliwack to complete his TQ1. Upon completion in 1978, 5e RGC became his home.

    In March of 1981, Cpl Paradis received his last OT to his current trade, where he was once again posted to CFSME, Chilliwack to complete, yet another TQ1. After leaving CFSME, he has had numerous postings (Montreal (Long Point Detachment) 1981 – 1984, CFS Moisie 1984 – 1987, 12 RBC 1987 – 1990, CFB Bagotville 1990 – 1999 and 5e RGC 1999 – 2001), as well as numerous deployments (CFS Alert Dec 1992 – June 1993, Haiti 1996, Haiti 1997, Macedonia Dec 1998 – Apr 1999).

    In January 2001, after more than 24 years of service in the regular force, Cpl Paradis retired, for the first time, and joined the Reserves in Bagotville. Since April 2004, Cpl Paradis has occupied his current position of Locksmith for 3 ESM and RP OPS.

    Finishing his 42 years and 11 months on July 12, 2019, he will regretfully leave the uniform and military engineer family to retire from the CAF. Cpl Paradis hopes to return to his same position as a civilian.

    Good luck Yvon, you have been a great asset to the CAF and military engineers for a long time. Both you and the experience you bring will be greatly missed. Good luck in the future.