Cpl Wayne Fraser, CD

    • Cpl Wayne Fraser, CD

    Cpl Wayne Fraser, CD will retire from the Royal Canadian Air Force on 30 September 2019. Anecdotes, well wishes, and sordid stories can be directed to MWO Ryan Vincent at ryan.vincent@forces.gc.ca. An informal depart with dignity will be held on 18 October at 1130 hrs at the Edmonton Garrison Memorial Golf & Curling Club.

    After 26 years of service to the Royal Canadian Air Force, Cpl Wayne Fraser will be released on 30 September 2019.

    Wayne joined the military on 12 December 1990.  On the 4 January 1991, he arrived at Cornwallis recruit training base. After completing basic training, he (then Ordinary Seaman Fraser) was posted to CFB Esquimalt where for the next six and a half years he would complete his boatswain training and ships divers course. He was posted to HMCS Provider, minesweepers, HMCS Thunder, Fundy and Chaleur. Wayne was part of the decommissioning of HMCS Kootenay and Annapolis where he had sailed the Pacific coast from Juneau, AK to Cape Horn. He finished off his time in the Royal Canadian Navy with the ships manning pool where he sailed with HMCS Calgary and Vancouver. 

    In 1994, Wayne met Angie, his wife of 23 years and they are still going strong.  In 1997, Wayne left the military to pursue a new life with his new wife and headed back to his home town of Wasaga Beach, ON.  After 2 years and a new son Conor, Wayne and his wife chose to head back to Victoria where he worked odd jobs and joined the Corps of Commissionaires.

    In June 2000 Wayne rejoined the RCN as a boatswain for the second time and was posted to HMCS Protecteur. In 2002 he participated in Op Apollo and welcomed the birth of their second child Meghan.  Wayne was later posted to HMCS Huron, where he completed his last act as a sailor by piping the side for the decommissioning of Huron. Weeks later Wayne was wearing blue coveralls and a brand new blue beret as part of the RCAF.

    In 2005, after attending initial firefighting training at CFB Borden, he was posted to Greenwood, NS. In 2008 Wayne was posted back to the Navy’s Pacific Fleet as a firefighter. In 2009 he volunteered to deploy to Afghanistan where he spent his time in Camp Nathan Smith a the camp fire chief, returning back to the ships in 2010. He served with the fleet augmentation pacific (fap), and was attached posted to HMCS Algonquin, Calgary, Ottawa, Regina, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and the damage control school. In August of 2011, Wayne was posted here to Edmonton Garrison where he currently resides with his family.

    In March 2015, Wayne received a CO’s Commendation for immediate actions he took on a critically injured hockey player. September 2015 Wayne joined the fire pigs, an intersection hockey team. Donning number 22, Wayne gave his all for the team and the game he loves. ‘Action’ Wayne was a 5th line player on a three-line team and handled many duties for the team, such as assistant coach, trainer, and equipment manager.

     Wayne Fraser has been honoured to serve his country and support the troops that he cared about so much for many years but has decided to retire after 25+ years.  Wayne would like everyone to know that he will hold on to all of the many good memories he has made through his illustrious career. He will stay in Edmonton along with his family where he is now working his dream job at the Edmonton Garrison Twin Rinks arena as the arena supervisor and Zamboni driver.