Cpl T.W. Young

    • Cpl T.W. Young

    After 7 years in the Canadian armed forces and the Canadian Military Engineers, Cpl Todd Young will release on 19 September 2021. All congratulatory messages, anecdotes and best wishes can be sent to MCpl D.A. Smith at Dale.Smith2@forces.gc.ca.

    Todd William Young was born in 1991 in Lahr, Germany, while his father was serving as a Traffic tech. Upon returning to Canada in 1993, his family lived in Trenton, ON, until 2000 when they moved to Dartmouth, NS. They were only in Dartmouth for two years before his father commissioned from the ranks and was posted to Winnipeg. MB.

    After completing high school in Winnipeg, Todd worked full-time before enrolling in the Reserves as a Supply tech at the age of 19. Following BMQ, he returned to Winnipeg and was accepted as a full-time student at the University of Winnipeg. He attended university while continuing to work in the Reserves. After a year, Todd released from the Reserves to focus on school. The following summer, he applied to the CAF for a second time before leaving Winnipeg for Ottawa. In Ottawa, he learnt that he had been accepted as a Construction Engineer in the Plumbing and Heating trade.

    As he had initially enrolled in Winnipeg, he returned there to join the PAT platoon for a few months of OJT. From there, he travelled to CFSME in Gagetown, NB, for DP1 before finally arriving in Cold Lake, AB. While at CFB Cold Lake, Todd completed DP2 and the PLQ course. He served on the WASF, held the position of Sect Safety Rep, and acted for a time on the Ops desk and as Sect 2IC. He participated in numerous exercises and taskings and contributed to the maintenance of Wing infrastructure.

    Todd joined the military as that was all he knew growing up, moving from PMQ to PMQ. All his friends were military brats and all their parents were serving members. Much of Todd’s family have served or are serving in the CAF. His father recently retired as an Air Logistics Officer in Halifax with 42 years of service. Later this year, his mother will join his father in retirement with 19 years of service. Lastly, his younger brother is a new Naval Logistics Officer.

    Todd and his wife are expecting their first child. Until then, Todd will focus on a BA through Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, NS. Upon completion of his degree, he intends to enroll in the CAF again, this time as a Naval Logistics Officer. Todd has been honored to serve his country and will hold on to the many good friends and memories he made while in the CAF.