Cpl Tim MacDonald, CD

     It is my pleasure to announce the retirement of Cpl Tim MacDonald. Tim will be falling out of our engineer ranks on 24 Mar 2009, following 22 plus years of dedicated and loyal service to the Canadian Military.

    Cpl MacDonald was born and raised in Charlottetown, PEI. After a couple years of university he decided to join the army and on the 26th of November 1986, signed on the dotted line.

    Upon completion of his basic training in Cornwallis Tim was off to PPCLI Battle School in Wainwright, AB. Cpl MacDonald was then posted to Victoria with the “Hollywood Battalion”, 3PPCLI. After doing almost 15 years of hard time he decided to remuster to the Engineer Branch and take a try at being a Const Tech. It wasn’t easy but he managed to keep all his fingers and after completing his QL3 was issued a nail bag and hammer.

    Cpl MacDonald got a chance to see the country during his career by being posted to different bases in Canada including Wainwright, Esquimalt, Kingston, Toronto, Edmonton, Gagetown, Halifax and finally at 1 ESU in Moncton. He also had the pleasure of a few overseas tours that included Cyprus in 1988, Bosnia in 97/98 and again in 2000. He was also involved with the Manitoba floods of 1997 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

    Tim, unfortunately, will be departing from our ranks because of medical reasons. We will be loosing a great sapper; however, Tim will be attending New Brunswick Community College with the goal of starting a new career when he graduates.

    Please forward any E-mails or anecdotes to Sgt Paul Lainey at 1 ESU Moncton LEOPAUL.LAINEY@forces.gc.ca