Cpl Rob Symonds, CD

    • Cpl Rob Symonds, CD

    With over 32 years service as a Combat Engineer, Cpl Bob Symons will be retiring from the Canadian Forces on the 11th of Oct 2010.

    Cpl Symons enrolled in the Canadian forces on the 22nd of June 1978 and began his basic training at the CF Recruit School in Cornwallis Nova Scotia. On the 22nd of September 1978 Cpl Symons then began his trades training in Chilliwack BC on completion was posted to 1 CER in February 1979. He served at 1 CER for seven years, during which he was promoted to the rank of Cpl on the 7th of July 1982 before being posted to CFB Shilo, Manitoba. After four years of service in Shilo, Cpl Symons returned to 1 CER Chilliwack in July 1990.

    Cpl Symons was deployed to Kuwait in 1991, Drvar Former Yugoslavia in 1992, Rastovitch Croatia in 1994, Zgon Former Yugoslavia in 1997, Camp Krow Kosovo in 2000, Kabul Afghanistan in 2004 and Kandahar Afghanistan 2007.

    Cpl Symons has been awarded his CD, CD1 and is currently awaiting his CD2

    Cpl Symons achieved a myriad of Occupational qualifications over his long term of service, most notably as Heavy Equipment and Armoured Engineer Operator.

    Cpl Symons is going to continue to reside in Legal, Alberta with his wife and will be seeking employment as a Heavy Equipment Operator.

    There will be a Retirement luncheon held for Cpl Bob Symons on Aug 20th at the Norwood Legion, 11178-82 St, Edmonton, for 1200. For details contact OPI, MCpl Way.JD.