Cpl Raymond Young, CD

    Cpl Young was born on 4th May 1963 in Cape Breton Island, NS. He enrolled in the CF in Nov 1980 with the Nova Scotia Highlanders as an Infantryman where he stayed until Jan 1991.

    Upon finishing from the Highlanders he hung up his uniform and did some time out west as a civilian contractor and finally seen the light after the new Millennium and joined the Construction Engineers as an Electrical Distribution Technician on the 3rd of April 2001.

    Cpl Young was posted to the School of Excellence CFSME 10th of April 2001. During his employment with CFSME Cpl Young completed his TQ3 Electrical Distribution Technician Course.

    In October 2002 he was posted to CFB Greenwood NS with the 141 AEF and was promoted to the rank of Cpl 3rd December 2004.

    Cpl Young will retire from the CF on the 4th Nov 2008 after more than 17 years of loyal and dedicated service with the Canadian Forces.

    Cpl Young and his wife Cynthia will retire back to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia with there daughter Chloe.

    Honours and Awards presently held by Cpl Young are the CD(1).