Cpl J.J. Cuppage, CD

    After more than 23 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers, Cpl Jason Cuppage, CD, retired on 21 June 2021. Congratulatory messages and best wishes can be sent to Sgt K.R. Dewald at Kyle.Dewald@forces.gc.ca.

    After serving honorably for more than twenty-three adventurous years, Cpl Cuppage retired on 21 June 2021. Having begun his military career with PPCLI, he put down his entrenching tool, picked up a pipe wrench, and moved to the Engineers as a PH tech.

    Cpl Cuppage was born and raised in Orillia, ON. He enrolled in the Infantry in April 1998 and graduated from battle school that October. He joined 2 PPCLI in Winnipeg and had the opportunity to deploy many times: Bosnia (Rotos 7, 11, and 12), Task Force ORION, and venturing into the Afghan desert. MCpl Cuppage earned a Mention in Dispatch with 1 PPCLI Infantry Battle Gp on OP ARCHER, Roto 1. He also earned his jump wings and completed a mountain ops course.

    Five years after his unit was relocated to CFB Shilo, he was posted back to Winnipeg to work for 17 Wing Readiness and Training. After several years teaching as a Sgt, he decided for an occupational transfer to learn the ways of a PH Tech. Having completed the QL3A/B courses at CFB Gagetown, he found himself back in Winnipeg for his apprenticeship period. After this time, he returned to Gagetown for the QL5 course. However, after the course, Cpl Cuppage took a medical release to work with RP Ops in Winnipeg.

    Cpl Cuppage recognizes the love and support of his spouse, Jennifer, and daughter, Abigal, and looks forward to starting a new chapter in life and all the possibilities it offers.