Cpl Jeffery Prest, CD

    • Fire Service crest

    Cpl Prest will be retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces, the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Canadian Forces Fire Trade with 34 plus years of dedicated service. Cpl Prest joined the forces on Jul 10th 1973. Upon completion of recruit school at CFB Cornwallis he was posted to CFB Borden for driver training. Once driver training was completed, Pte Prest was off to CFB Moose Jaw for OJT. In the summer of 1974 it was back to Borden for his TQ3. Upon completion of fire trade training, Pte Prest was posted to CFB Summerside. After spending a year in Summerside, Pte Prest opted to get out of the military and upgrade his education.

    After completing his high school diploma and working in the woods for a couple of years; on June 30th 1977, Jeff re-engaged as Ordinary Seaman Prest in Her Majesty’s Royal Canadian Navy as a Bos’n. Upon completion of his TQ3, OS Prest was posted to HMCS Nipigon. Having spent two years on a sea going steamer, the fire trade was calling him back and a remuster was in the works. Being back in the Royal Canadian Air Force, he was posted to HMCS Fraser as a firefighter in 1979. Two more years at sea were spent until such time as he was posted to CFB Chatham in 1981. While posted to CFB Chatham Jeff met Darlene, an old friend from his hometown of Margaretsville NS who would soon become his wife. They remained at CFB Chatham until 1987 welcoming the birth of their first son Nathan in 1982 followed up with Justin in 1984. The sea was calling again and Cpl Prest was posted back to HMCS Fraser for a three year stint. With this posting came one more member to the family and Melanie was born in 1988. The Prest family was complete and it was time to settle down close to home, beautiful CFB Greenwood. The Greenwood posting came to an end after two years; with a JLC under his belt, Cpl Prest was posted back to CFB Chatham in 1992. CFB Chatham closed in 1996 and so did Cpl Prest’s career in the fire trade. The Prest family moved to Falmouth NS where Jeff found work as Campus Police at Acadia University and a Special Constable with the town of Windsor’s Police Department.

    The mandatory retirement age of 55 was lifted and changed to 60 and with that at the age 47 Cpl Prest was back in uniform for one final run at the fire trade. Cpl Prest was sent to the Canadian Forces Fire Academy at CFB Borden to shake out the cobwebs and get re-certified. Upon successful completion of his QL5, Cpl Prest was posted to 12 Wing Shearwater. Spending two years in the firehall, the seas were calling again for one final shipboard tour onboard HMCS St. John’s. Collectively Cpl Prest spent 880 days steaming at sea. In 2007 Cpl Prest was posted ashore back to 12 Wing Shearwater. In 2009 a final posting was in the cards; 14 Wing Greenwood.

    Cpl Prest will continue to conduct a thorough DI on his Ford Ranger and report to his new boss Darlene with plans of enjoying the seasons, fishing and hunting in the backwoods of Nova Scotia.

    Cpl Jeffery Prest, will retire on 20 August 2015 after serving 34 plus years of loyal and dedicated service to the CAF, CME Br and the NDFS. - See attached bio. Cpl Prest joined the CAF on 20 July 1973 as a firefighter. His postings included CFB Moose Jaw, Summerside, Chatham, 12 Wing Shearwater, 14 Wing Greenwood and HMCS Nipigon, HMCS Fraser and HMCS St-John's. Jeff and Darlene will retire in the Annapolis Valley in the town of Margaretsville, NS. A small departure presentation will take place at the 14 Wing Greenwood Fire Hall on 13 August 2015 starting at 0800 hrs. POC is Sgt Chris Gervais 902-765-1494 ext. 5070, CSN 568-5070. Messages, anecdotes or photos can be sent to POC Christopher.Gervais2@forces.gc.ca