Cpl Harry Eegeesiak, CD

    Corporal Harry Eeegeesiak (IGGY) is retiring after 22 years, 325 days of service on the 30 June 2008. He was born in Frobisher Bay (Iqaluit), NWT. (Nunavut). He started his career on 09 Aug 1985 in Cornwallis, NS. After Basic Training, he went to Borden for his MOC 411 Mechanic Crse; but was not successful and requested an alternate career path in the Combat Engineers.

    In 1986, he was posted to Chilliwack, BC; where he started the gruelling 22 weeks of the Trade Qualification Field Engineer 3 course (TQ 3, Fd Engr). After completing his course he was posted to 1 Combat Engineer Regiment’s, 1 Troop, 3 Section. There he received his basic driver course, and was employed as a troop driver.

    In April 1991, immediately after the first Gulf War as a member of 1 CER, he was deployed to Kuwait with the United Nation Iraq Kuwait Mission where he was a section member of 2 Troop, 3 section. There he was tasked to clearing minefields and conducting demolition tasks along the Kuwait and Iraq border. After the mission from Kuwait, he became interested in pursuing a career in Heavy Equipment; specifically” driving large motor vehicles” … there were lots of jokes made about his 5’ 3’’ height (i.e. “blocks to reach the pedals”). In 1993, he received his 5 ton course and later on, in Aug 1994 he was posted to Goose Bay, NFLD.

    During his posting to Goose Bay he received his opportunity to operate Heavy Equipment. In Jan 1997, he went back to Chilliwack for his QL 5 Field Engineer Equipment Operator course. After completing this course in Aug 1997, he was posted back to 1 CER (which is now located in Edmonton, AB. from Chilliwack, BC.). During his time in 1 CER; he was assigned to the Armoured Engineer troop as a tractor trailer driver and was deployed in 1999 to go on OP Kinetic +, the first NATO Mission to Kosovo. After the tour in Kosovo, Cpl Eegeesiak (Iggy) received his Armoured Engineer Course (AEO) course in CFB Gagetown, NB and then immediately, found himself in Wainwright, AB on the Driver Track course.

    In 2000, while serving as a member of 1 CER’s Hy Eqpt Tp, he was sent on his Grader and Crane course. In Oct 2002, he was then deployed on a UN Mission to Bosnia; there he was employed as a Hy Eqpt Op. On his own time there he volunteered as a firefighter for the Base Camp; he and four other volunteer firefighters were decorated with the Commanders Coin for rescuing 7 families homes from a major village fire.

    In 2005, he was posted to CFB Suffield and employed within the G3 Range Control’s Range Maintenance Troop as a Hy Eqpt Operator as well as a member of the Fd Engr’s Fencing section. Today, after 22+ years of loyal dedicated service, he has decided to settle down with his wife (Arlene) and their four beautiful kids (2 boys/2 girls) Ooly 12, Sila 7, Siku 4 and Elijah 2. He plans to stay in Redcliff, AB. area for a little while longer and then plans on a move back to Chilliwack BC in 2009.