Cpl Dwaine Pelletier, CD

    Cpl Pelletier joined the Canadian Armed Forces on 20 Aug 1987 as a Nav Sig with the Navy and after 18 yrs of service, achieved the rank of PO 2nd Class. In 2005, he decided to become a WFE Tech and left the Navy to join the Air Force. Cpl Pelletier has been a WFE Tech for approx 3 yrs now and has decided to retire on 25 Aug 08 after 21 + yrs of continual service. He has had the chance to travel all across Canada, the world and went on 2 Tours of Duty, Kuwait & Gulf in 91 and returned to the Gulf in 03.

    A Retirement Luncheon will be held on 22 Aug 08 at the Boston Pizza Restaurant, 1601 8th Street East in Saskatoon, SK. Timings are from 13:30 hrs to approx 15:30 hrs. Any Friends or family wishing to attend this function are asked to please send an e-mail or call the OPI of the function (Sgt Blanchard) before 01 Aug 08. Anecdotes and well wishes (In English) should also be sent to the OPI by 01 Aug 08.

    After his retirement and well deserved leave have been completed, he will be retiring in Edmonton, Alberta. He plans to continue working as a Civilian WFE Tech.

    OPI’s Mailing Address: Sgt Bruce Blanchard, B.J CE Section, Bldg 155, 17 Wing-Det Dundurn, GD STN Main, Dundurn, SK. S0K-1K0.

    OPI’s Extra Info: CSN: 825-4328 Commercial: 1-306-492-2135 Local- 4328 Work Cell: 1-306-222-2239 Fax: 1-306-492-4739 E-mail: blanchard.bj@forces.gc.ca