Cpl Dennis van Wissen, CD

    Cpl Dennis van Wissen served 24 years 248 days with the Canadian Armed Forces. He enrolled in the Regular Force as a Combat Engineer at CFRC Winnipeg MB, 04 Oct 1984. After receiving his basic and MOC training, Cpl van Wissen was posted to CFB Chilliwack in May 1985. In July 1988, he was posted to CFB Lahr and in Jul 1993 Cpl van Wissen was posted to CFB Valcartier, where he attended language training and then was posted to 5RGC. He then was posted to CFB Shilo. In Aug 2001 he was posted to 4ESR. In March 2005 he was posted to CFB Gagetown to CFSME as the FETS SQMS Assistant.

    Cpl van Wissen has two tours of Duty overseas. In CFB Lahr and Former Yugoslavia.

    Dennis always looked forward to the challenges that the CF and the combat engineer trade brought him. He enjoyed serving at CFSME, which is his final posting before his retirement in 10 Jun 2009.

    It was always through teamwork and dedication with his peers and co-workers that has made his career memorable, successful and rewarding. Dennis will miss these times and will cherish them in both his memories and in his heart.

    Dennis will be residing in the Fredericton NB area with his wife (Elke) and three cats Schnitter, Schuster and Polar. The dog is yet to arrive. POC is WO Scott, anecdotes or letters can be send to me by Fax (422-1131) or E-MAILs