Cpl D.B. Thomas, CD

    • Cpl D.B. Thomas, CD

    After more than 13 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and Canadian Military Engineers, Cpl Dayne Thomas, CD, will release from the CAF on 06 September 2021. A DWD ceremony will be announced at a later date. Messages and best wishes can be sent to MWO G.T. Gombert at Ted.Gombert@forces.gc.ca.

    Cpl Thomas joined the Canadian Armed Forces in October 2007 at the Toronto Recruiting Center. Cpl Thomas arrived at 2 CER in 2009 following his Combat Engineer DP1 and has served the Regiment with distinction for the duration of his career.

    As a field section member, Cpl Thomas deployed on TF 1-10 to Afghanistan as part of 23 Field Squadron. After his deployment, Cpl Thomas was employed in several different organizations, such as 25 Resource Squadron, 28 Administration Squadron, and 2 Engineer Equipment Troop.

    After 13 years of service, Cpl Thomas will pursue a diploma in Nuclear Science and Radiation Safety at Algonquin College in hopes of a new career in the nuclear field. Cpl Thomas has immensely enjoyed his time as a combat engineer in the ranks of the Canadian Armed Forces and will cherish the memories of his brothers and sisters in-arms.