Cpl Dany Roy

    Cpl Roy joined the army in 1985 as a reservist infantry with the Régiment de la Chaudière and stayed with them until 1990. During this his time with the reserve, he deployed in Norway on the Ex Brave Lion.

    In February 1990 he transferred in the Regular Force in a new trade: Supply Technician. He was posted in Borden for a language course and his supply tech course. After completion of these courses, he got transferred to 430 Esc Tac d’Hel in Valcartier. After three years, he was transferred to 5 BNS from 1994 to 2001. During this posting, Cpl Roy participated in two missions at Velika Kladusa in Bosnia (1996 and 1999) as a supply technician. In 2001, he was posted to 5 Construction Troop at 5 CER in the position of construction troop supply technician. In summer 2005, he was part of the operational training with the troop in Jamaica. In January 2006, his application for remustering was accepted and he got transferred to CFSME for his QL3 Electrical Distribution Technician. After he successfully completed the course, he was transferred back to 5 Construction Troop at 5 CER. During this posting, he worked a lot in coordination with the electrical section of the Base CE. He stayed in this position until his retirement.

    Cpl Roy will stay in Shannon with his two children, Maxime and Audrey and will be working for the electrical section at Base CE Valcartier.