Cpl Claude Taillefer, CD

    Cpl Claude Taillefer will be retiring from the CF after 19 plus years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Forces and the CME Branch. Claude, also known as Tally by his close friends, joined the military in May of 1990 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Upon completing his recruit training in Cornwallis NS, he was sent to CFB Chilliwack for his Field Engineer training. Tally didn’t have far to move after his trades training as he was posted across the street to 1 CER. Less then 1 month after finishing his trades training Tally was sent to sunny Kuwait to join the Regiment (1 CER). In October of 92 Tally was deployed to Yugoslavia for a 6 month tour. In early 94 Tally was once again deployed overseas, to Croatia. During this tour Tally was promoted to Cpl but not before having two tours under his belt as a Private. In the summer of 1996 Tally moved with the Regiment from beautiful Chilliwack BC to their present home in Edmonton, Alberta. As he remembers “that was a sad day for the “Thumper Heads” in the “Wack”. In September of 1998 Tally finally got his re-muster to his present trade as a Construction Tech, and was posted to Gagetown NB for his trades training. After finishing his trades training he was posted to Winnipeg and has spent the last ten 10 years with 17 WCE. During that time he has been to Alaska and Arizona on exchanges with the US National Guard. Also he was in the Carpenter Shop for nearly 5 years, where he was involved with some notable projects such as the renovation of the new MFRC at 17 Wing and the construction of the new classroom building for the SAR “Search and Rescue” facility at Springer Lake. For the last 4 years he has been working in the Contract Cell and has also been the Unit General Safety Officer. In March of 2006 Cpl Taillefer received a Brigade Commander’s Commendation from 38 Brigade, in recognition of the outstanding service he provides to the local Armouries. In June of 2006 Cpl Taillefer received his Wound Strip for injuries he had received while on tour in Croatia. Upon retirement, Tally will be staying in the Winnipeg area where all his family is from. Future plans include gaining employment within the Federal Government and enjoying the great outdoors with this family and friends.

    Anecdotes, congratulatory messages and e-mails can be sent to MCpl Dave Tower at 17 WCE or via email to David.Tower3@forces.gc.ca. All replies will be presented during a retirement ceremony luncheon, to be held at a date to be determined in June