Cpl Charles Todd (Smitty) Smith

    • Cpl Charles Todd (Smitty) Smith

    Cpl Todd (Smitty) Smith has finally decided to call it quits after 24 + years of service, and retire for good from the Combat Engineer world.

    Cpl Smith was born in Middleton, N.S. and joined West Nova Scotia Regiment in 1985 as an Infantry Reservist. In Aug 1987, a decision was made to join the Reg force so he was off to Cornwallis to complete basic training, and then shortly after, QL3 Trg in the Combat Engineer trade.

    Posted to CFB Petawawa, 2 CER Apr 1988 – July 1990, Cpl Smith completed numerous jobs from Regt Tpt NCO, AVGP driver, to boat operator during the Oka Crisis. Cpl Smith also volunteered for a tour with RCD’s for Op Snowgoose in Cyprus 1989. Cpl Smith said good-bye to sunny Ontario for 4 CER, Lahr Germany in Aug 1990 to choke down some spätzle and bratwurst. Newly qualified as an APC driver in Mar 1991, a move to Armoured Eng Tp was required in order to complete OJT on AEV & AVLB. Smitty participated in Op Harmony Feb – Oct 1992 in the former Yugoslavia with 1 R22ER Battle Group completing tasks such as route clearance, EOD response, convoy security, to name just a few.

    Cpl Smith was posted back to Canada in May 1993 and shortly after attended his QL5 Heavy Eqpt Crse before releasing from the Reg force to the Supplementary Holding List (SHL) in May 1994. Missing the CF dearly, Smitty transferred from SHL in Jan 2000 to active Reserve strength with 6 FES.

    Cpl Smith moved to 54ES, 39 CER during stand-up of the Regiment in 2008. Smitty has done a variety of jobs while serving with 39 CER however his heavy equipment skills will be missed most of all.

    The Engineer Family wish Todd, his wife Teresa, son’s Levi, Quinten, & daughter Marjory all the best in his CF retirement. Cpl Smith’s release date will be 28 Nov 2015 with a DWD ceremony on 03 Dec 2015.

    Any anecdotes or well wishes can be forwarded to MWO Terry Haley email: Terrance.Haley@forces.gc.ca or call (604) 858-1011 Ext 1088.