Cpl Bruce Legge, CD

    Born and raised in Burin, a small town in Newfoundland, he finished High School and immediately continued on to Trade School where he studied to become an Electrician. After graduation he worked for various companies including Fishery Products International as a Marine Electrician apprentice but he was always interested in joining the Military. In May 1985 he took the plunge, joined the Military and was off to CFB Cornwallis to seek his fame and fortunes. After completion of his trades training at CFB Esquimalt, he was posted to Halifax. While there he served aboard HMCS Ships: Saguenay, Margagree and Ottawa. During his nine years with the Navy he visited many ports including; 17 trips to Bermuda and Puerto Rico and spent seven winters sun tanning in the Caribbean.  There were also three NATO tours and three tours of the many European ports. Highlights include escorting the Royal Yacht Britannica, where he met Princess Diana and Prince Charles and saw the Queen of England.  

    Eventually leaving the Navy in 1995 he decided being tied to land might be a better option. He remustered to MSE Operator and was posted to CFB Calgary with 1 SVC BN and later transferred to CFB Edmonton. Not happy with being a MSE Operator he decided to leave the military altogether.  He soon changed his mind once again and returned, this time as a Vehicle Tech. Upon completion of Veh Tech training at CFB Borden he was posted to CFB Petawawa in the summer of 1999. Cpl Legge found he was still not content and finally decided to join the best and went back to the trade he had always loved, an Electrician.  Subsequently he was off to CFB Gagetown where he completed his trade training as a Construction Electrician and was posted back to CFB Petawawa. Shortly after arrival to 2CER he went to Afghanistan on a TAV where he worked both in Kabul and Kandahar doing what he finally determined to be his real passion, being an Electrician. Unfortunately upon his return he developed back problems and has spent the last few years at CE in many and varied positions but settled in WCC.   Unfortunately his back issues have now resulted in his release from the military.  

    Cpl Legge, his wife of five and a half years, Sasha, will be retiring in Douglas after 21 plus years of service.  They will be building their retirement home, enjoying nature and of course his wife’s favorite pastime gardening, fishing and shopping.  Cpl Legge also hopes to pursue yet another career change with the public service; we can only assume it will be his last.  

    A DWD ceremony will be held at a later date at the Canadian Warehouse in Petawawa to celebrate his career. Please forward best wishes and/or antic dotes to Sgt Zeidler, CE Petawawa.   Zeidler Sgt SW@CFB/ASU Petawawa@Petawawa