Construction of New Single Quarters at 19 Wing Comox / Construction de nouveaux logements pour célibataires à la 19e Escadre Comox

Comox Single Quarters Project / Logements pour célibataires
Publication Date 
16 May 2014

By Lt J.P Cote, 30 Apr 2014

Finalization of the Single Quarters Project is underway at 19 Wing Comox. Construction commenced early January 2014, both on-site and off-site, at a local factory in Cumberland, B.C. These eight modular units were fabricated indoors to ensure high product quality and control. Each unit arrived fully finished and has sufficient storage capacity including a distinct 4-foot crawl space. Offsite building prefabrication allowed for concurrent execution of ground-prep and foundation work. At the end of March the units arrived and were lifted into position using 90-foot crane which also placed the two roof sections. Each 55 sq. meter unit is equipped with individual heat pumps and HRV’s to improve energy cost-efficiency. DND’s possession date is May 6 2014 for a total project cost of < $1M.