Commander Canadian Army Commendation for Mr. Keith Stobert Commendation

M. Keith « Stoney » Stobert a reçu la mention élogieuse du commandant de l’Armée canadienne des mains du BGen J.C.G. Juneau, comdt 3e Div
Publication Date 
24 Jun 2014

On the 17 June 2014, Mr. Keith “Stoney” Stobert was presented the Commander Canadian Army Commendation from Brigadier-General J.C.G. Juneau, 3rd Div Commander. The presentation states as follows:

The Commander Canadian Army Commendation is presented to Mr. K. Stobert In recognition of the outstanding professionalism and exemplary service Mr. Stobert demonstrated as 1 Engineer Equipment Troop Stores Manager in Wainwright since 1998. Thanks to his expert knowledge and outstanding management skills of Combat Engineer equipment capabilities, he ensured that Engineer resources were ready for any task or emergency at home or abroad. Mr. Stobert’s tireless efforts and dedication to support the troops have had a tangible impact on the Canadian Army and its ability to effectively train soldiers for international deployments and domestic operations. In so doing, Mr. Stobert has brought great credit to himself and the Canadian Army.