Colonel Commandant Presents CME Commendations to 34 CER Soldiers

Colonel Commandant Presents CME Commendations to Sgt Frederik Marion and Cpl Neeham Khalid, 34 CER 10 Dec 2022
Publication Date 
09 Jan 2023

On 10 December, MGen Daniel Benjamin, presented CME Commendations to Sgt Frederik Marion and Cpl Neeham Khalid at the 34 CER Christmas Dinner for their exceptional service as co-leads of the Component Transfer project. Both NCOs displayed the highest level of expertise in the development of numerous informational tools to assist the CME Branch leadership to provide component transfer information to retiring Regular Force members. Their exceptional professionalism and dedication reflect great credit on them and the RCE.

The narrative for the award is as follows:

MCpl Frederik Marion and Cpl Neeham Khalid co-led the Branch Component Transfer project whose objective was to provide Branch leadership with a concise information package to assist them in informing RegF members considering release from the CAF the advantages of transferring to the ARes as opposed to a full release. This project consisted of the two members developing the following products for the Branch:

  1. One-Pager (bilingual) – this provides a basic summary of the PowerPoint presentations that can be included in the initial release package put together by unit RORs.
  2. Component Transfer PowerPoint (French & English versions) – this is a tool that can be used by command teams to present the advantages of component transfer to members of their units as well as serve as a general education tool on the benefits of the ARes.
  3. CT Letter – This is a form letter signed by our Director, RCE encouraging members releasing to consider transfer. It is accompanied by a map that shows all the locations of ARes RCE units across the country. This project required a substantial amount of policy research in addition to the development of a comprehensive presentation with supporting staff documentation.

The CMEA joins the Colonel Commandant in expressing our congratulations and appreciation for their efforts

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