Colonel Charles Keple, CD (Ret’d)

CMEA Commendation - Colonel Charles Keple, CD (Ret’d)

The Canadian Military Engineers Association recognizes the extraordinary commitment and leadership of Charles Keple during the creation of the Association. Charles joined the Military Engineers Association of Canada in 1971 when he was in the office of the Chief Engineer and responsible for many aspects of the newly formed Military Engineering Branch. In addition, he was on the Executive of the National Capital Region Chapter and he was one of two national MEAC Vice Presidents. He remained a contributing member-at-large of the MEAC throughout his subsequent postings including that as DGMEO/CME Branch Advisor 1989-1993.

After retirement in 1997, Charles was elected MEAC President and, in that year, the CME Branch Council approved the proposal to create a single, all-purpose Canadian Military Engineers Association. Charles then led much of the development and staffing of this proposal and was subsequently elected as inaugural President of the CMEA. He excelled in shepherding the new Association thorough its early years and ensuring the legacy of support to the wider Engineer Family through this new form.

The Canadian Military Engineers Association commends Charles Keple for his exceptional dedication and continuing support to CMEA aims and ambitions.

Date Awarded 
Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Award Type 
CMEA Commendation
Rank at time of award 
Colonel (Ret'd)