CMEA National Conference 2015 a Great Success

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30 Nov 2015

The 2015 CMEA conference was a signature achievement. Carried out over two days from 25-26 Nov 2015, and culminating in the National Capital Region Engineer Mess Dinner, it was attended by over 70 participants.

The conference built upon the roadmap of the last conference in 2012. That Conference set a number of goals and all the goals achieved. Similarly, this conference aimed at defining goals for the next three years. It was highlighted by an overview of the current CME and CMEA. This included briefings on finances, the membership, history and heritage, the current website and communications.  Proceedings of Conference 2015 including presentations, minutes, reports and programme are published at

The membership has grown to over 2000 from just 800, in the last three years. With our successful affinity programmes including TD Monnex Insurance and Workapolis, our finances are in excellent shape.

The CMEA is now incorporated as a not-for-profit (non-charitable) corporation. With the recent changes in legislation affecting all Canadian Not-For-Profit corporations, the CMEA was required redefine its management structure and definition of membership . As a result, we have established a larger board of directors consisting of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, registrar and executive director. In addition, a number of advisors to the board were created. These positions are similar to that of the previous National Executive Committee, but use the new title, Vice President as opposed to Director.  For example, the title VP Communications has replaced Director of Communications.

The new organisation has also made the voting process easier. Rather than requiring votes from over 2000 individual members, Chapters have been defined as 'voting members' and are allocated votes based on the size of their membership. A small chapter would have one vote whereas a larger chapter may have four.

CME Branch updates, current events and future prospects, and an exposé of modern engineering technologies completed the first day on a positive note. The second day brought an update on DCC operations, our Military Engineering Museum, and an upbeat panel on CMEA Chapters. A round table involving chapter reps from the NCR, Kingston, Gagetown and Edmonton provided a good exchange of ideas on what has worked successfully at each location

One of the focuses of the conference was on the whether CMEA should support a charity of choice, such as the Military Police Fund For Blind Children. The CMEA had received many requests to support both military and civilian charities, as well as the construction of various memorials in remembrance of past battles or event anniversaries. The CMEA decided that it should not use the members' revenue for charity. This also included demands for support to memorials. This does not inhibit a chapter from raising additional funds for an Engineer in Need or a particular charity, if so wished. The CMEA's signature program of supporting Engineers in Need provides immediate response to those in need and is well known respected throughout the CME. As such, it is CMEA benefit, and not a charity offering.

Last, but certainly not least, was the discussion on The Way Ahead. Like the 2012 Conference, we have established nine goals and gave directions to guide management for the next three years.  Once ratified by all Chapters, these goals will be published and defined.  Your Executive will be charged with directing and tracking the attainment of these goals and the entire association will be expected to contribute as appropriate.

A special thanks to our sponsors Rheinmetall Defence, Defence Construction Canada, Leica Geosystems, Reinforced Earth, SEI Industries, ACROW Bridge, ESRI Canada, and TD Insurance. Without their support we could not have had the successful meeting that we did have.

Click here for Proceedings of Conference 2015 including presentations, minutes, reports and programme.