CMEA Last Post Entries

Publication Date 
20 Apr 2015

The CMEA has been putting Last Post entries on our Website since 2001:



The vast majority of these entries have come from the efforts of a few dedicated people led by Ken Holmes. Most entries begin with a newspaper obituary brought to our attention, or from information sent to us from a friend or family member.

Our aim is to post entries that reflect the service record of members of the CME Family and unfortunately, most newspaper obituaries do not provide the detail we would like to have. This is particularly true of war veterans where an obituary might simply mention ‘served in the RCE during World War II’ or similar comment. We would like to provide more detail to honour our comrades’ service. Personal service records are not as easy to find as one may think. They are archived in National Archives but not accessible to us due to the Privacy Act. Also, there is no central repository for unit employment records. Archived personnel records, if they exist, are not available to us. We often depend on our audience to fill in the blanks.

While we have attempted to include every member of the CME Family, we cannot claim our entries are complete. We suspect there are dozens and dozens of comrades who are not included. We fear too many members of our Family have died without a trace. We want to do more.

The long and short of this article is a simple request to all members and friends. If you know of any CME Family member who died and does not have an appropriate entry in our Last Post, please inform us as soon as you can. Provide all the information you have including name, rank, units served in, date of death, place of death and anything else you feel should be recorded. A ‘head and shoulders’ photograph should also be included. Even with a little bit of information, we can follow up and try to fill any gaps. Similarly if you read a Last Post entry that seems incomplete or in error, please provide that information at once.

You can contact either:

CMEA Officer at Large for History and Heritage: Ken Holmes (


CMEA Director of Communications: Don Chipman (