CMEA Help Wanted

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The CMEA Website staff have openings for a range of volunteers to assist in ensuring our content is vibrant, complete, accurate and timely to meet the goals and objectives of the CMEA.


  • Unit and Chapter Reporters: These people will alert us to newsworthy events happening in their areas. News items can be in English or French and should include photos when possible.  Some items will be published as Chimo Communiqués and others as News Items. Other news might be disseminated on Social Media.
  • Photo Editors: Many of the photos we receive are of poor quality and require basic editing and enhancement. If you have PhotoShop skills or skills with other editing software packages, we have some challenges for you.
  • Translators: We strive to publish all entries in English and French.  As we are not able to use official government translation services we rely on volunteers.  If you can spend an hour or so each week, we can provide scripts, mostly in English, to be translated.
  • Web Editors: People with experience developing and maintaining web pages are also needed.  We have a considerable number of archived articles and attachments that need to be uploaded to the site and very few people available to do the work.
  • Social Media Gurus: If you have skills using Social Media, but more important know how to use it more effectively to forward the goals and objectives of the CMEA, we can use your help.


We have a number of projects and initiatives underway.  If you can help, please let us know:

  • LET NO SAPPER BE FORGOTTEN: We have the names of nearly 2,000 members of the CME family who do not have Last Post entries.  We need researchers to help compile service records, post-service career records, funeral and burial details, as well as locate appropriate photographs.  We need writers to help compile Last Post entries, and Web Editors to upload the entries. 
  • Valour and Courage: We are building a feature describing awards for bravery and distinguished service through our long history.  We want background information, photographs and citations.  The work starts with research and is completed with a vignette recognising the circumstances leading to the award.


If you are interested, can help or have any questions, please contact the CMEA Webmaster.