CME Family Last Post by Name

Lest We Forget Poppy

As we receive news of the death of a member of the CME Family, we post an obituary along with details and family wishes.  Our current records go back to 2000 and may not be complete. If there are any errors or omissions please use the form here to notify us as soon as possible.

Search Hints: Because these entries are posted using each individual's full name, searching on nicknames or short forms may not be successful. The best way to search is on the last name only.  

Capt Jean-Pierre Normand (Ret’d), P. Eng., PMP, Capt Jean-Pierre Normand (Ret’d), P. Eng., PMP 06 Oct 2020 Capt Jean-Pierre Normand (Ret’d), P. Eng., PMP
Capt Robert Heriot Nye, CD (Ret'd), Capt Robert Heriot Nye, CD (Ret'd) 12 Jul 2020 Capt Robert Heriot Nye, CD (Ret'd)
Cardey, Bernard 07 Jun 2000 Spr Bernard Leo “Bernie” Cardey (Ret’d)
Cardinal, Paul 15 May 2012 Paul Gilbert Cardinal
Carlin, William 14 Mar 2019 Sgt William Charles Edward “Bill” Carlin, CD (Ret’d)
Carlisle, Arthur 25 Nov 2000 W. A. “Art” Carlisle
Carlson, Lawrence 12 Aug 2018 CWO Lawrence Wayne (Larry) Carlson, CD (Ret'd)
Carlson, Oscar 20 Oct 2016 Spr Oscar T. Carlson (Ret’d)
Carman, Raymond 17 Oct 2001 Raymond Carman
Carmichael, Archibald 14 Feb 2005 Maj Archibald Donald Carmichael (Ret'd)
Carmichael, George 27 Mar 2003 Spr George Alvin “Barney” Carmichael (Ret’d)
Carnigan, Stanley 27 Mar 2006 Stanley Morrell Carnigan
Carragher, Francis 04 Jun 2012 Francis "Frank" Edward Carragher
Carrier, Richard 10 Feb 2014 Richard John Carrier
Carroll, George 05 Jun 2013 Spr George LeRoy Carroll (Ret’d)
Cartwright, Fredrick 10 Jul 2017 Lt Fredrick Earl "George" Cartwright, CD (Ret'd)
Casey, Leonard 27 May 2006 Sgt Leonard "Curley" Casey (Ret'd)
Cashin, Thomas 04 Nov 2010 Spr Thomas Cashin (Ret’d)
Cass, Allen 04 Feb 2010 MWO Allen John Cass, CD (Ret'd)
Casselman, Gregory 09 Mar 2020 MWO Mahlon Gregory “Greg” Casselman, CD (Ret’d)
Casselman, Mahlon 26 Nov 2007 WO I Mahlon “Cy” John Casselman
Castle, Bob 07 Jan 2002 Sgt Bob Castle (Ret'd)
Castonguay, Lucien 18 Oct 2010 CWO Lucien Castonguay, CD (Ret'd)
Cataford, Maurice 04 Jun 2005 Spr Maurice Ovila Cataford (Ret’d)
Cave, John 15 Jan 2011 Spr John Cave (Ret'd)
Cave, John 15 Jan 2011 Spr John Roger “Ty King” Cave (Ret’d)
Cawker, Ivor 12 Apr 2014 Spr Ivor Lloyd Cawker (Ret’d)
Chaisson, Howard 02 Mar 2006 Howard "Hurley" Chaisson
Chamberlain, Robert 03 Aug 2002 LCol Robert Chamberlain, MC, C St J, CD
Chamberlin, Cecil 22 May 2015 Spr Cecil Kenneth Chamberlin (Ret’d)
Chambers, Joseph 20 Aug 2015 L/Cpl Joseph Alphonse Chambers (Ret’d)
Chambers, Robert 19 Feb 2015 Robert Chambers
Chambers, Walter 19 Jan 2016 CWO Walter “Wally”A.J. Chambers, CD (Ret’d)
Chambers, William 01 Feb 2007 Spr William J. “Bill” Chambers (Ret’d)
Champion , David 04 Dec 2012 FFtr David Edward Champion
Chapman, Forrest 09 Feb 2009 Capt Forrest Lynn Chapman (Ret'd)
Charbonneau, Guy 27 Mar 2020 MWO // Adjum Guy Charbonneau, CD (Ret'd)
Charette, Elmer 09 Mar 2007 Elmer Joseph Charette
Charland, John 21 Dec 2012 WO John Charland, CD (Ret’d)
Charron, Brian 14 Apr 2012 MWO Brian Gordon Charron (Ret’d)
Chartier, Wilfred 18 Jul 2006 Spr Wilfred A Chartier, CD (Ret’d)
Chase, George 25 May 2007 George Franklin Chase
Chaulk, Clifford 11 Dec 2011 LCdr Clifford Graydon Chaulk, CD (Ret’d)
Cheeseman, Wilfred 25 Mar 2012 Lt Edgar Wilfred “Ted” Cheeseman (Ret’d)
Cheret, Larry 27 Jul 2013 WO Larry Cheret, CD (Ret'd)
Cheverie, Henry 20 Jul 2016 Henry Cornelius “Hank” Cheverie
Chief Warrant Officer Joseph “Joe” M. Nagy, CD (Ret’d), Chief Warrant Officer Joseph “Joe” M. Nagy, CD (Ret’d) 02 Jan 2019 CWO Joseph “Joe” M. Nagy, CD (Ret'd)
Childs, Karl 20 Nov 2009 Sgt Karl Weldon Childs, CD (Ret'd)
Chilvers, Walter 01 Mar 2004 Sgt Walter George Gordon Chilvers (Ret'd), CD
Chisamore, Harold 14 Aug 2009 Spr Harold V Chisamore