CME Family Last Post by Name

Lest We Forget Poppy

As we receive news of the death of a member of the CME Family, we post an obituary along with details and family wishes.  Our current records go back to 2000 and may not be complete. If there are any errors or omissions please use the form here to notify us as soon as possible.

Search Hints: Because these entries are posted using each individual's full name, searching on nicknames or short forms may not be successful. The best way to search is on the last name only.  

Burgess, Frederick 03 Oct 2010 CWO Frederick James Burgess (Ret'd)
Burhoe, James 22 Apr 2006 James "Ingram" Burhoe
Burke, John 27 Feb 2020 Spr John Roderick “Rod” Burke (Ret’d)
Burke, Robert 19 Oct 2019 Cpl Robert Norman “Bob” Burke
Burlock, George 08 May 2015 Sgt “Fred” George Burlock
Burns, Roland 30 Jan 2003 Roland Wedgewood Burns
Burr, Bob 16 Dec 2011 Sgt Bob Burr, CD (Ret'd)
Burrell, Guy 09 Jun 2015 Guy Frederick Burrell
Burril, Graham 01 Jan 2003 Graham Burril
Burrows, Charles 05 May 2014 Charles Russell “Russ” Burrows
Burton, Bernard 02 Sep 2005 Sgt Maurice Bernard “Bernie” Burton (Ret’d)
Burton, Howard 17 Nov 2010 Spr Howard Charles Burton (Ret’d)
Burton, Thomas 13 Oct 2005 Sgt Thomas Aloysius Burton, CD (Ret’d)
Busche, Robert 19 Jul 2003 Cpl Robert R. Busche (Ret’d)
Butler, James 09 Oct 2017 Cpl James G Butler (Ret’d)
Butler, Robert 27 Jul 2009 Capt Robert Stephen Butler (Ret'd)
Butler, Victor 09 Mar 2019 Cpl Victor Butler, CD (Ret'd)
Buxton, William 18 Dec 2003 William Edward “Bill” Buxton
Buxton, William 29 Apr 2011 William David Buxton Sr., CD (Ret'd)
Byerlay, Gerald 01 Mar 2007 Maj Gerald Byerlay (Ret'd)
Cade, Larry 12 Jul 2019 LCol Larry Frederick Cade, CD (Ret’d)
Cain, Francis 27 Mar 2012 Spr Francis Thomas Peter “Frank” Cain (Ret’d)
Cairncross, John 21 Jan 2005 S/Sgt John Duncan “Buck” Cairncross (Ret’d)
Caissie, Gregory 10 Oct 2018 Cpl Gregory Owen Caissie, CD (Ret'd)
Calaiezzi, Dominic 20 Feb 2002 Spr Dominic Joseph Calaiezzi (Ret'd)
Calder, William 30 Apr 2010 CWO William D. Calder (Ret'd)
Caldwell, Donald 07 Jul 2008 Sgt Donald Arthur Edward “Don” Caldwell (Ret’d)
Call, Albert 14 Jan 2000 LCol Albert J.D. Call, OMM, CD (Ret’d)
Callaghan, James 29 Jan 2002 Spr James Francis “Jim” Callaghan, P.Eng., (Ret’d)
Calles, Peter 01 Dec 2006 Spr Peter Calles (Ret’d)
Calver, Richard 29 Dec 2011 Sapper Richard “Dick” Charles Calver (Ret'd)
Calvert, Anthony 22 Jan 2010 Sgt Anthony “Tony” Calvert (Ret’d)
Cameron, Allan 28 Dec 2013 Capt Allan John Cameron (Ret'd)
Cameron, Grant 30 Nov 2014 Lt George Grant Cameron (Ret’d)
Cameron, Herrold 12 Jun 2004 Maj Herrold Ashley Cameron (Ret’d)
Cameron, Kenneth 29 Sep 2008 LCol Kenneth Leslie Cameron, CD (Ret'd)
Cameron, Stanley 29 Oct 2009 Lt Stanley “Stan” Daniel Cameron (Ret'd)
Cammidge, Carl 07 Oct 2007 Carl Cammidge
Camp, Peter 21 May 2007 Lt Col Peter Arthur Camp, RE
Campbell, Charles 18 Oct 2004 Charles Wilber “Chuck” Campbell
Campbell, Harry 04 Jun 2012 Harry Campbell
Campbell, James 12 Mar 2008 Captain James Alister Grant Campbell (Ret’d)
Campbell, Murdock 27 Nov 2005 Murdoch William Campbell
Campbell, Philip 12 Aug 2007 Capt Philip Morrison Campbell, CD, RCE (Ret'd)
Campbell, Ronald 23 Jan 2009 Ronald Joseph Campbell
Campeau, Roger 26 Jan 2011 Spr Roger Campeau (Ret’d)
Campioni, Brant 01 Jul 2002 Cpl Brant Campioni (Ret'd)
Cannard , Lloyd 03 Feb 2015 Lloyd Ruthven Cannard
Canning, Murray 04 May 2002 Murray C. Canning
Caouette, Armand 06 May 2006 Spr Armand J. Caouette (Ret’d)