CME Family Last Post by Name

Lest We Forget Poppy

As we receive news of the death of a member of the CME Family, we post an obituary along with details and family wishes.  Our current records go back to 2000 and may not be complete. If there are any errors or omissions please use the form here to notify us as soon as possible.

Search Hints: Because these entries are posted using each individual's full name, searching on nicknames or short forms may not be successful. The best way to search is on the last name only.  

Blabey, Stanley 26 Dec 2006 Stanley Alexander “Stan” Blabey
Black, Joe 16 Aug 2007 Col Reay "Joe" Black, MBE, MID, CD (Ret'd)
Blades, Victor 18 Dec 2003 Sgt James Victor Blades (Ret'd)
Blair, Marcel 17 May 2008 Marcel “Tom” Blair
Blanchette, Lyle 15 Nov 2006 Cpl Lyle John Blanchette (Ret’d)
Bland, Frederick 05 Mar 2008 Cpl Frederick “Fred” Samuel Bland (Ret’d)
Blase, Miller 29 Sep 2009 Blase Miller
Blasko, John 20 Mar 2020 LCol John Blasko, CD (Ret’d)
Blatch, Frederick 16 Feb 2005 Frederick “Fred” T. Blatch
Bobak, Bruno 24 Sep 2012 Captain Bruno Joseph Bobak, CM (Ret’d)
Bobbitt, Christian 01 Aug 2009 Cpl Christian Bobbitt
Bobbitt, Gerald 17 Jul 2012 Gerald Stephen Bobbitt
Bogner, Thomas 03 Jan 2012 Thomas “Tom” Otto Bogner
Bohun, John 12 Nov 2003 Spr John Bohun (Ret’d)
Boisvert, Darius 19 Jul 2002 Darius Charles “Pete” Boisvert
Boivin, Jean 24 Jan 2005 LCol Jean Edouard “John” Boivin, CD (Ret’d)
Bonnah , Jack 07 Oct 2020 FR03 Jack Bonnah (Ret’d)
Bonnenfant, Dennis 22 Feb 2016 Spr Dennis Joseph Bonnenfant (Ret’d)
Bonnett , David 19 Jul 2013 Spr David Gordon Bonnett (Ret'd)
Borland, Alex 14 Sep 2002 John Alex Borland
Botham, Norman 07 Apr 2015 Sgt Norman Carl Botham, CD (Ret’d)
Bouchard, Benoit 01 Jan 2005 HLCol Benoit Bouchard
Boucher, Leo 27 Aug 2016 MCpl Leo Joseph Boucher, CD (Ret'd)
Boucher, Michael 22 Jun 2006 Sgt Michel John “Mike” Boucher, CD (Ret'd)
Boudreau, Elias 05 Jul 2001 Spr Elias Agapie Boudreau (Ret'd)
Boudreau, Wayne 06 Dec 2013 Sgt Wayne Boudreau, CD
Bourgaize, Garnet 05 Jan 2020 Spr Garnet Elias Bourgaize (Ret'd)
Boutilier, Donald 01 Aug 2008 Maj Donald Kenneth "Boots" Boutilier, CD (Ret'd)
Boutilier, Lloyd 09 Oct 2007 Maj Lloyd Roger "Boots" Boutilier (Ret'd)
Boutiller, David 29 Nov 2013 David Maxwell Boutilier
Bowden, Wilfred 15 Mar 2007 Wilfred Bruce Bowden
Bowerman, Pearson 01 Nov 2005 Pearson Bowerman
Bowers, Bernard 24 Dec 2014 MWO Bernard George (Bernie) Bowers, CD (Ret'd)
Bowers, Gordon 02 Jul 2009 Sapper Gordon W. Bowers (Ret’d)
Bowes, Gaétan 26 Feb 2019 Gaétan Bowes
Bowes, James 27 Mar 2019 MWO  Frank James "Jim" Bowes, CD (Ret’d)
Bowie, John 06 Nov 2003 Spr John Donald “John D” Bowie (Ret’d)
Bowman, Roy 10 Nov 2009 Roy George Bowman
Boychuk, , Mark 25 Feb 2019 WO Mark Thomas Boychuck, CD
Boylan, William 19 Oct 2003 Spr William Earle Clement “Bill” Boylan (Ret’d)
Boyle, Alistair 01 Aug 2010 Lt Col Alistair Boyle, MBE, Royal Engineers
Braby, John 02 Feb 2010 LCol John William Braby, OMM, CD (Ret'd)
Bradford, Cameron 19 Jun 2006 CWO Cameron Arnold Bradford, CD
Bradley, Gordon 22 May 2013 Gordon Miles Bradley
Brandon, Ralph 11 Dec 2002 Spr Ralph N. Brandon (Ret’d)
Brash, Norman 21 Jan 2005 Norman Brash
Braun, Tracy 15 Oct 2014 Tracy Kathleen Braun
Bray, Joseph 10 Feb 2011 Major Joseph “Joe” James Bray, CD (Ret’d)
Bray, Richard 10 Jun 2009 Captain Richard “Dick” C.E. Bray (Ret’d)
Bray, Wilson 13 Aug 2020 MWO Wilson William “Bill” Bray, CD (Ret’d)