CME Family Last Post by Name

Lest We Forget Poppy

As we receive news of the death of a member of the CME Family, we post an obituary along with details and family wishes.  Our current records go back to 2000 and may not be complete. If there are any errors or omissions please use the form here to notify us as soon as possible.

Search Hints: Because these entries are posted using each individual's full name, searching on nicknames or short forms may not be successful. The best way to search is on the last name only.  

Balazsi, Alexander 13 Jan 2015 Alexander “Alex” Balazsi
Balcom, Robert 02 Jul 2003 Spr Robert H. Balcom (Ret’d)
Baldry, Arthur 28 Aug 2008 Arthur “Art” Baldry
Baldwin, Joseph 07 Sep 2015 Spr Joseph Anthony “Joe” Baldwin (Ret’d)
Bale, Bernie 12 Aug 2007 Spr Bernie Pershing Bale (Ret’d)
Ball, John 09 Jan 2018 WO II John Gordon Ball, CD (Ret’d)
Ball, Leonard 27 Mar 2013 Spr Leonard Ball (Ret’d)
Ballance , Richard 24 Jan 2014 Spr Richard Mansel Ballance (Ret'd)
Ballantyne, Allan 27 Jan 2001 Col Ernest Allan Ballantyne, OMM, CD (Ret’d)
Ballantyne, Ian 20 Nov 2010 LCol Ian Richardson Ballantyne, CD (Ret'd)
Baloc, George 20 Aug 2000 Spr George A. Baloc (Ret'd)
Bambrick, Harry 27 Mar 2010 L/Cpl Harry Albert Bambrick (Ret'd)
Bancroft, Stephen 25 Aug 2003 Maj Stephen Bancroft (Ret'd), RCE
Banks, Harry 24 Aug 2019 FR Harry Wilfred "Pete" Banks
Barich, Michael 18 Oct 2013 Michael Barich
Barker, George 08 Jan 2012 Sgt George E. Barker (Ret’d)
Barker, Keith 11 Apr 2015 Keith Hubert Barker
Barkhouse, Robert 29 Aug 2006 Robert “Bob” Chester Barkhouse
Barnes, Ronald 27 Feb 2005 LCol John Ronald Barnes (Ret'd)
Barnes, Roy 10 Jan 2009 RCE Band Sergeant Major Roy Barnes (Ret'd)
Barnett, Kenneth 06 Jan 2009 Kenneth Earl “Barney” Barnett
Barr, Francis 09 Aug 2000 LtCol Francis “Frank” Barr (Ret’d)
Barr, Roy 05 Sep 2005 Sgt Roy Harold Barr (Ret’d)
Barre, Fernand 08 Feb 2017 Fernand Charles Maurice “Fern” Barre
Barrett, John 31 Jan 2017 MCpl John Lester Barrett, CD (Ret’d)
Barry, Calvin 17 Jul 2019 Spr Calvin Douglas Barry (Ret’d)
Barry, Jack 11 Sep 2014 Lt Jack Barry (Ret'd)
Bartlette, Richard 12 Aug 2015 Richard "Rick" Bartlette
Baryla, Paul 15 Jun 2013 Chief Warrant Officer Paul Baryla, CD
Basque, Joseph 17 Feb 2017 Joseph Alphonse Basque
Bassett, Arthur 25 Oct 2005 Arthur Hensley Bassett
Bastien, Ronald 30 Jun 2009 Capt Ronald “Ron” Raymond Bastien, CD (Ret’d)
Bataller, John 24 Feb 2011 John Baptiste Ontoine Bataller
Bate, James 27 Oct 2007 Sapper James “Jim” Gilmour Bate (Ret’d)
Bates, James 29 May 2009 James Harvey “Jim” Bates
Baudoux, Stirling 20 Jun 2011 Lt Stirling Alfred Baudoux (Ret’d)
Bauer, John 11 Aug 2011 Cpl John Bauer (Ret’d)
Bayliss, Colin 30 Aug 2019 MWO Colin Edward Bayliss, CD (Ret’d)
Baynes, Gordon 11 Jul 2013 Gordon MacKenzie Baynes
Beal, Keith 05 Mar 2014 Spr Keith Beal (Ret’d)
Beaton, Nat 12 Sep 2013 Spr Nat Beaton (Ret’d)
Beaton, Norman 13 May 2001 WO II Norman "Norm" Beaton (Ret'd)
Beaudin, Stanley 11 Apr 2010 Spr Stanley Beaudin (Ret’d)
Beaudoin, Hugh 01 Sep 2017 Spr Hugh Joseph Urbain Felix Beaudoin (Ret'd)
Beaudry, Kenneth 08 May 2016 Kenneth Joseph Beaudry
Beaul, Raymond 22 Jan 2011 Spr Raymond Beaul (Ret’d)
Beaver, George 20 Sep 2009 Padre, the Reverend, George Dawson Beaver
Bedford, Harold 16 Jun 2002 L/Cpl Harold Wesley Bedford (Ret’d)
Beechinor, Patrick 06 Dec 2006 S/Sgt Patrick “Paddy” Denis Beechinor (Ret’d)
Beeman, J.S. 13 Nov 2002 Col J.S. Beeman (Ret'd)