The CME Branch Now Has a Knight!

His Excellency Cees Kole pins on the insignia of the Knight of the Orange-Nassua // Son Excellence Cees Kole pose l’insigne de l’Ordre des chevaliers d’Orange-Nassua
Publication Date 
16 Jun 2015

CWO Keith Jones, MMM, CD (Ret’d) is now a Knight of the Orange-Nassua

On Monday 8 June 2015 Keith Jones CWO (Ret’d) was knighted by the Dutch Government in Moncton.

The ceremony was a complete surprise to Keith. The mayor of Moncton his Worship George Leblanc is a good friend and neighbour to Keith. He told him that he was meeting with, his Excellency Cees Kole the Ambassador of the Netherlands that day at City Hall.

Knowing that Keith had met with Ambassador Kole a few times in Ottawa while he was the Sergeant Major of the team representing the Canadian Armed Forces at the Nijmegen marches he invited Keith to come to City Hall to meet the ambassador. After the meeting Keith and the Ambassador were invited up to the top floor of City Hall by his Worship Mayor George Leblanc to view the city from terrace deck. Upon arrival Keith was met by large group of friends and family, including two of his daughters from Ottawa and Toronto. A bit shocked and stunned, the Ambassador made the announcement that King Willemstad-Alexander, of the Netherlands had confirmed his appointment as a Knight of the Orange-Nassua, and then proceeded to present him with his Medal and scroll.

Keith said that this was “a complete surprise, and an amazing honour, I was truly humbled to receive such a prestigious appointment.”

Congratulations Keith!