CME Branch Commendations

The CME Branch Commendation recognize the outstanding contributions of members and friends of the CME family. Recipients of this award listed on this page.

  • Canada Lands Company Limited/Société immobilière du Canada limitée
    07 Nov 2009
    MGen Benjamin presents Certificate to Canada Lands corporation in Chilliwack

    Certificate 021

    Since it was assigned the responsibility to manage the disposal of the surplus properties of the former Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack, Canada Lands Company Limited has directed extraordinary effort to respecting the Military Heritage of the area. This work is exemplified in the construction of the “Legacy Trail” at Garrison Crossing BC that will ensure that the heritage of the area is accurately displayed. Canada Lands Company has also shown outstanding initiative and commitment to the restoration and revitalization of the “All Sappers Memorial Park”, the national memorial to the Sappers of Canada and the British Commonwealth who have given their lives in the Service of their Country.

  • Col R.K. St. John, OMM, CD (Ret’d)
    07 Nov 2009

    Certificate 019

    Presented in recognition of the extraordinary commitment, devotion, leadership and passion demonstrated during his tenure as Colonel Commandant of the Canadian Military Engineering Branch, from January 2008 to September 2009. Col St. John provided stalwart leadership, promoting throughout the Canadian Military Engineer Family, the restoration and revitalization of the “All Sappers Memorial Park”


  • MWO Jim Harris, MMM, CD (Ret’d)
    07 Nov 2009
    MWO Jim Harris, MMM, CD (Ret’d) receives his certificate from Gen Benjamin

    Certificate 020

    Since retiring from the Canadian Forces in 1994, Jim Harris has devoted his boundless energy to promoting camaraderie among his fellow retired sappers and working to preserve Canada’s Military Engineering heritage. He has been particularly tireless as a member of the Executive of both the Retired Sappers and the Sapper Apprentices Associations. Not only has he been a key individual in the conduct of their regular Annual Reunions, he has maintained an extensive national communications network that has kept these members informed. He is the founder and president of the Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack Historical Society where the legacy of the former base is kept alive. In addition to the creation of a local museum, he has worked in partnership with Canada Lands to implement the “Legacy Trail Project” at Garrison Crossing BC, to ensure that the heritage of the area is accurately displayed. He has also been an invaluable consultant to Canada Lands in their extensive restoration of the “All Sappers Memorial Park.”


  • Col J.K. Tattersall, CD
    29 Apr 2009
    Col John Tattersall & MGen Rousseau

    Certificate 017

    Over a period of four years as J3 Engineer Operations, CME Branch Advisor and Commander OS Engineer Group, Col Tattersall’s support and leadership in the CME Branch has been exemplary. As the CME’s voice for CF Transformation, his stewardship of all CME trades enabled Engineers to be effectively harmonized within the new operational commands which served as a model for other support functions. As Branch Advisor he established and advocated for the right balance between Professional Engineer and the Profession of Arms, while at the same time finding the balance between technical and tactical competencies for all engineer trades. His efforts in development of a Joint, Combined, Whole of Government environment has brought great credit to the CME, to the Canadian Forces and to Canada.

  • Maj D.W. Dubois, CD
    20 Nov 2008
    LCol D.W. Dubois, CD and Col Comdt

    Certificate 016

    Presented in recognition of your unwavering leadership and dedication towards the reconstruction and development projects as the Chief Engineer for Regional Command (South) Headquarters in southern Afghanistan.


  • MGen/Mgén J.E. Woods, CD (Ret’d)
    15 Jan 2008

    Certificate 015

    Presented in recognition of the extraordinary commitment, devotion, leadership and passion that you demonstrated during your tenure as Colonel Commandant of the Canadian Military Engineering Branch, from January 2005 to January 2008.

  • WO/Adj W.E. Biggs, CD (Ret’d)
    06 Dec 2007

    Certifcate 014

    Presented in recognition of his outstanding service, dedication, and professionalism, which have brought great credit to the Canadian Military Engineer Branch and its Museum. Throughout his tenure as Curator of the Canadian Military Engineer Museum (1997-2003), he displayed exceptional initiative, determination and expertise, successfully establishing the Museum in its new home in Gagetown, and making a significant contribution to the education of new generations of Engineers on the collective history and heritage of the Corps. He has provided an outstanding example to fellow Sappers, epitomizing the School's motto of "Excellence in Engineering".

  • LCol K.J. Holmes, CD (Ret’d)
    29 Nov 2007

    Certificate 011

    In recognition of his extraordinary long time commitment, dedication, devotion and passion in all his work with the former MEAC, his leadership of the CMEA, his support to the CME Museum, his leadership in the publication of the CME History Volume III, and his support to the research for an eventual CME History Volume IV.

  • BGen/Bgén J.M.C. Rousseau, CD
    16 Nov 2007

    Certificate 013

    This commendation is presented in recognition of his extraordinary commitment, dedication, devotion and passion in all his work during the critical period of Canadian Forces and Canadian Military Engineering Branch Transformation. As Chief Engineer, he ensured that the Canadian Forces were provided with optimal and timely military engineering advice and services, in accordance with the Chief of Defence Staffs principles of transformation and the CME Strategic Intent.


  • Sgt J.A. Wilt, CD
    24 May 2007

    Certificate 012

    For his exemplary dedication to the promotion and preservation of our Engineer heritage through his tireless efforts in the conservation, interpretation, and exhibition of historical Engineer artefacts, his important role in the redesign and renovation of the CME Museum, and in personally educating thousand of visitors about the role of the Canadian Military Engineers in the development of Canada and on operations throughout the world.