CME Branch Commendations

The CME Branch Commendation recognize the outstanding contributions of members and friends of the CME family. Recipients of this award listed on this page.

  • BGen // Bgén R.W. DesLauriers, OMM, CD (Ret'd) (Retraité)
    18 Feb 2015
    BGen // Bgén R.W. DesLauriers, OMM, CD (Ret'd) (Retraité)

    Certificat No 030

    Presented in recognition of his extraordinary leadership, commitment, devotion, and passion that he has demonstrated during his tenure as Colonel Commandant of the CME from 3 March 2010 to 18 February 2015.

    BGen DesLauriers provided stalwart leadership, promoting and enhancing the unity and esprit of the entire CME Family. In rank he is a General, in his heart and in our eyes, he will always be a Sapper!


  • 438 Tactical Helicopter Squadron // 438e Escadron tactique d’hélicoptères
    15 Jan 2015
    438 Tactical Helicopter Squadron // 438e Escadron tactique d’hélicoptères

    Certificate No 029

    Presented to 438 Tactical Helicopter Squadron (438 THS) in recognition of their extraordinary support and commitment to a member of the Canadian Military Engineer Family, WO Patrice Vincent and his family following his tragic death on 20 October 2014.

    The respect paid to WO Vincent and the compassion shown to his family were remarkable and reflect greatly on the leadership, dedication and professionalism of 438 Tactical Helicopter Squadron and the entire 1 Wing community.

  • Capt William A. Stone, MMM, CD (Retired)
    26 Apr 2014
    CME Branch Commendation award BGen DesLauriers, Mr. Bill Stone and CWO Patterson

    Certificate 028

    Capt William A. Stone, MMM, CD (Retired) excelled throughout his 39-year career as a field engineer. In retirement, Bill continues to be a remarkable ambassador for the Canadian Military Engineer Branch. His tireless support of everything to do with “Sapper” military history, remembrance, and his fellow veterans is most commendable. He is loyal, reliable, dedicated, self-starter who is competent at every endeavour, Bill seeks no recognition for himself. In appreciation of his outstanding and meritorious efforts in supporting Sappers “everywhere,” Capt Stone (Ret'd) is awarded a Canadian Military Engineer Commendation.

  • CFB Chilliwack Historical Society / Société historique de la BFC Chilliwack
    26 Apr 2014
    CME Branch Commendation award BGen DesLauriers, Mr. Jim Harris and CWO Patterson

    Certificate 026

    In recognition of the tireless work of the Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack Historical Society to preserve the history and heritage of the former Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack and the Canadian Military Engineers. The Society’s leadership has demonstrated great initiative and perseverance in implementing its numerous undertakings. This leadership has combined with a hard-working and enthusiastic membership body to produce an amazing set of accomplishments. The Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack Historical Society is representative of the spirit and dedication of the Canadian Military Engineers and is a most worthy recipient of the Canadian Military Engineers Commendation for its outstanding work.

  • Retired Sappers Reunion / La réunion des sapeurs à la retraite
    26 Apr 2014
    CME Branch Commendation award BGen DesLauriers, Mr. Ed Ashley and CWO Patterson

    Certificate 027

    In recognition of the Retired Sappers Reunion that has provided camaraderie for its Canadian Military Engineer membership through its annual reunions and that has supported other good works throughout the years. For 40 years the Annual Retired Sappers Reunion has been a very important contributor to maintaining fellowship among the Canadian Military Engineer family. Of equal importance, the volunteer efforts of its membership and their financial contributions have greatly supported a wide variety of initiatives that help preserve and enhance the heritage of the Canadian Military Engineers. The Annual Retired Sappers Reunion is representative of the high spirit and dedication of the Canadian Military Engineers.

  • Mr./M Bill McVean
    26 Apr 2013

    Certificate 025

    For helping the Canadian Military Engineer Branch to perpetuate, both in Canada and abroad, the history of 23 Field Company RCE’s heroic actions during World War II’s Op Berlin. Therein, Mr. McVean assisted today’s Sappers to appreciate their predecessors’ heroic actions to enable approximately 2,500 Allied airborne troops to withdraw from the Arnhem salient in September 1944.


  • CWO/Adjuc D.N.F. Shavalier, CD (Ret’d)
    15 Dec 2011
    Col J.C. Benninger, 19 Wing Comox Commander and CWO K.P. Jones, CME Branch CWO, are presenting CWO D.N.F. Shavalier (Ret’d) with a CME Branch Commendation (certificate no 024) at the 192 CEF Aldergrove combined Mess on 15 December 2011.

    Certificate No. 024

    In recognition for his 41 plus years of loyal and dedicated services to the Canadian Military Engineer Branch, in both Regular Force and Reserve Force, and for his significant contributions to the support to Canadian Forces Operations at home and abroad.

  • Capt J.R.J. Landry, CD
    08 Sep 2011
    Capt Jacques Landry accepts certificate from MGen Dan Benjamin

    Certificate No. 23

    In recognition of his outstanding commitment, dedication and professionalism as the CME Branch Adjutant since 1 April 2002. As Branch Adjutant he has brought great credit to the Canadian Military Engineers.

  • Troop 6, 53 Engineer Squadron/Troupe 6 du 53e Escadron du Génie
    17 May 2010
    Col Comdt Des Deslauriers presents certificate to Troop 6, 53 Fd Sqn

    Certificate 022

    On August 22, 2007, during a major operation of the battle group in the Zharey District, Afghanistan, Troop 6 of the 53 Engineer Squadron performed work out of the ordinary. Troop 6 has achieved unusual feats in supporting the mobility of a combat team. Sappers remained focused on their duties despite the relentless enemy fire, weather conditions of extreme heat, explosions of improvised explosive devices, the wounded, and dead, all before the arrival of modern engineering equipment in theatre. The extraordinary courage and determination of this Troop have ensured the success of the operation in extreme peril conditions.


  • Quebec Retired Sappers Association/Association des Sapeurs à la retraite du Québec
    11 Dec 2009
    CWO R. Michaud, CD (Ret'd), Sgt B. Marcoux, CD (Reti'd), and Cpl H. Lambert, CD (Ret'd)

    Certificate 018

    This group certificate is given to Chief Warrant Officer R. Michaud, CD (Retired), Sergeant B. Marcoux, CD (Retired), and Corporal H. Lambert, CD (Retired), in acknowledgement of their initiative, dedication, commitment, leadership, remarkable professionalism and extraordinary passion to The Quebec Retired Sappers Association since its creation in March 2005. They all greatly and admirably contributed to the promotion of the customs and merits of the Canadian Military Engineer Branch and the distribution of information about the Canadian Military Engineer Branch at large.