CME Branch Advisor - Terms of Reference

The CME Branch Advisor supports the Chief Military Engineer in all matters pertaining to CME personnel and the overall health of the CME family. The CME Branch Advisor is responsible to:

  • serve as the CME Branch focal point for issues of ethos, esprit de corps, and overall professional identity;
  • maintain an awareness of personnel issues within the CME Branch, keeping the Chief Mil Engr appraised, and coordinating their resolution;
  • coordinate Mil Engr personnel development and succession planning for senior Mil Engr appointments with the CA Director RCE and RCAF CE/FF Occupation Advisor;
  • plan the succession processes for CME Col Comdt and CME CWO, providing recommended candidates for Chief Mil Engr approval;
  • coordinate CME Branch matters pertaining to events, honours and awards, representation, heritage, history, protocols, and tradition with the CME Col Comdt, ACME, CME CWO, CME Branch Adjt, and CME Association;
  • coordinate support to CME Branch Council;
  • when necessary, engage with CMP senior staff, representing strategic concerns of the CME Branch (fully coordinated with the CA Dir RCE and RCAF CF/FF Occupation Advisor, as required); and
  • coordinate the preparation of an annual draft report on the CME Branch for Chief Mil Engr approval and transmittal to CMP.


  1. The function of CME Branch Advisor may, or may not, be combined with that of Deputy Chief Military Engineer.
  2. The position of CME Branch Advisor is a secondary duty appointed under the authority of the Chief of Military Personnel under the recommendation of the Chief Military Engineer.