'Clearing the Way' to be Screened at Historic Polish Film Festival

"Clearing the way" Book Cover
Publication Date 
16 Oct 2018

The International Historical and Military Film Festival is a public weal of the Polish culture which serves the non-commercial promotion of the cinema dedicated to the past and defense traditions of the countries from which films were submitted and accepted to the Festival.

IH&MFF’s mission has its origin in the civil initiative of people of culture who, after the changes of 1989, saw a great force in the new documentary and historical films made behind the “iron curtain”. These films brought Poland and Central and Eastern Europe an opportunity of the better understating of the truth about the past distorted there for centuries. This initial impulse became more universal with time, opening the Festival’s ideas for other works of cinematic art from the whole world. These works are the result of artists’ wise approach to the past that cannot be changed anymore. It can be, however, rediscovered and better understood through the historical films which leads to the creation of safe future. Every year the IH&MFF opens its contests for the documentaries, military and historical films with above-mentioned message. 

“Clearing the Way” has been chosen to screen in the 2018 International Historical & Military Film Festival in Warsaw Poland.  Oct. 22 – 26, 2018.

This is a unique honour different from other festivals.  Only films deemed to have historic value, with an accurate depiction of the conflict they represent, are included.