Chief Warrant Officer Russ Vida, MMM, CD

    • CWO Russ Vida, MMM, CD

    CWO Russ Vida, MMM, CD will retire from the Canadian Armed Forces on 13 Oct 2014 after over 25 years of dedicated service to the CAF and the CME Branch (please see bio attached). A DwD luncheon will be held on Friday 26th Sept 2014 at the CFB Edmonton SNCO's dinning facility from 1130-1300. Congratulatory messages or anecdotes can be sent to WO Madden or by fax at 780-973-1600. Adjuc Russ Vida MMM, CD prendra sa retraite des Forces armées canadiennes le 13 oct 2014 après plus de 25 années de loyaux services au sein des FAC et de la Branche du GMC (voir bio ci-jointe). Une cérémonie de départ dans la dignité aura lieu au Mess des Adj & Sgt à la CFB Edmonton de 11h30 à 13h00, le vendredi 26 sept 2014. Acheminer vos messages de félicitations ou anecdotes a l'Adj Madden ou par fax au 780-973-1600. CHIMO>>

    CWO R.F. Vida enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces in June of 1989, as a reservist, in 8 Fd Engr Regt, Edmonton AB. After a component transfer to the Regular Force he served as a Patricia in 1 and 3 PPCLI. Upon completion of a tour in Croatia in 1994 Cpl Vida was posted to the Canadian Airborne Regiment where he served in 2 CDO. Upon completion of an occupational transfer to Combat Engineer he continued to serve the Regt in Engr Pl until disbandment in March 1995.

    Upon the disbanding of the Airborne Regt he was posted to 1 Tp, 23 Fd Sqn, 2 CER Petawawa. While a member of 2 CER he filled the positions of Recce Driver, Section 2 ic, Section Commander and Sqn Ops NCO. During this time he was promoted through the ranks to WO prior to being posted to 2 Fd Engr Regt in Toronto to fill the Regt Ops position. In APS 2004 WO Vida was posted to 4 Tp, 13 Fd Sqn, 1 CER in Edmonton. During his first tour in 1 CER, CWO Vida filled the positions of Fd Tp WO and Regimental Operations WO. WO Vida was attached posted to 1 CMBG HQ in 2006 and deployed to Afghanistan with TF Aegis, Regional Command South HQ. While deployed to Afghanistan, WO Vida was instrumental in creating the first Canadian Counter IED team. Upon return from Afghanistan in the fall of 2006 he was promoted to MWO and took up the position of 13 Fd Sqn SM, 1 CER. In June of 2008 MWO Vida was posted to 1 CMBG HQ and filled the position of G3 plans and G3 plans 2. During this time 1 Bde was busy mounting TF-309 and conducting the planning and preparations for the deployment to Whistler BC, for Op Podium, the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. During APS 2010, MWO Vida was posted to the Advanced Training List and commenced SLT on the yearlong French course. CWO Vida was promoted to his present rank on 17 May 2011 and assumed the appointment of Regimental Sergeant Major, 1 CER in June of the same year. After completing two years in the RSM position at 1 CER CWO Vida decided that it was time to retire.

    CWO Vida has completed tours in Cyprus, Croatia (2), Bosnia (4) and Afghanistan under Op Enduring Freedom and Op Athena. CWO Vida has also been awarded the CDS Commendation and 2 Commander Land Force Command Commendations. In November 2008, CWO Vida was appointed a member of the Order of Military Merit. CWO Vida is married to Karla who continues to provide unwavering support to his crazy decisions and a steady hand at home. They have 3 children, Gionna, Ella and Maximus.