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  • Chapter Committee 2014

    Left to right: WO Scott Cronin, Sgt Matthew Cadegan-Syms, LCol Ralph Gienow (Ret’d), WO Ken Queenan, MWO Marshall Dumont, Cpl Eric Richer

Welcome / Bienvenue

Welcome to the Edmonton Chapter of the CMEA. News of interest and event details will be posted on this site. If you have something you want to post, please inform the Branch Executive.

Position   Name
President   MWO Dwayne Waller
Vice-President   WO Vincent Ryan
Secretary-Treasurer   LCol Ralph Gienow (Ret'd)​
Communications Officer   Cpl Eric Richer
Unit Representatives
1 CER   Sgt Matthew Cadegan-Syms
Engineer Services   WO Scott Cronin
Fire Services   WO Ryan Vincent
Retired   LCol Ralph Gienow (Ret’d)

Chapter News

Chapter Events

No events yet. Please check back.