Change of Sergeant Major Royal Canadian Engineers

Official handover from the outgoing RCE SM, CWO Croucher (Left) to the incoming RCE SM, CWO Dominic Gaudreau. Of particular note is the awesome circa 1987 Cbt Engr, old school, field cap hat badge that is permanently affixed to the “Succession Planning Binder.”   Photo Credit: MCpl Marc Laliberte.
Publication Date 
10 Jul 2018

12 June 2018 marked the official handover of the Royal Canadian Engineers Sergeant Major (RCE SM) from CWO Shawn Croucher to CWO Dominic Gaudreau.

The handover took place at the HQ of 5th Canadian Division in Halifax and the official ceremony included the passing of the coveted “Succession Planning Binder.”

CWO Croucher held the title from 14 May 2015 and will be recognised at the Director’s Conference (Capability) for his unwavering support to the Director RCE and his dedication to the preservation, maintenance and progression of the RCE during his three-year tenure.

CWO Croucher will, for the time being, remain as the 5th Canadian Division Sergeant Major.

CWO Gaudreau is currently the 2nd Canadian Division Support Group Sergeant Major. CWO Gaudreau comes to the position with a wealth of knowledge and experience; he is looking forward to taking up the reins and will serve the RCE well over the next few years.