Change of Director Royal Canadian Engineers (RCE)

Col Derek Basinger receives the Director RCE framed pennant from Colonel Commandant CME BGen (R) Steve Irwin. From left to right Cmdt CFSME and Deputy Director RCE, LCol Barb Honig, Col Cmdt CME BGen (R) Steve Irwin, Col Basinger and CME CWO, CWO Glenn Simpkin. Photo taken by Maj J. Boddy OC Field Engineer Training Squadron CFSME
BGen Derek Basinger hands off the “Director’s Collar Dog” after completing the handover of responsibilities to Col Kyle Solomon during the quasi-official ceremony held in some random hallway in the basement of NDHQ. Photo taken by the Deputy Minister’s Office
Publication Date 
09 May 2018

By Maj Frank Bird CO 1st Canadian Division HQ and Staff Officer to Director RCE.

April 2018 marks the official handover of the Directorship of the Royal Canadian Engineers (RCE) from BGen Derek Basinger to Col Kyle Solomon.
BGen Basinger held the title from March 2015 and was recognised during the Director RCE Spring Conference by the Col Cmdt CME BGen (R) Steve Irwin for his unwavering dedication to the preservation, maintenance and progression of the RCE during his three-year tenure.

BGen Basinger’s new challenge takes him from Dir RCE duties and Cmdt of Canadian Army Command and Staff College (CACSC) in Kingston to the land of low-shoes (Ottawa) where he is the Director General Capability and Structure Integration (DGCSI) in Chief of Force Development (CFD).

Col Kyle Solomon is currently the Senior Military Advisor to the Deputy Minister of National Defence and is no stranger to the task and responsibilities of Dir RCE as he served as Deputy Director RCE during his time as Cmdt of Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering (CFSME). He is looking forward to taking up the reins and his experience and motivation will serve the RCE well over the next few years.