CFINTCOM contributes to documentary as part of an educational initiative

A Canadian surveyor sights a bearing with a traverse table alidade during the First World War. After the war, hundreds of trained surveyors applied their skills to mapping Canada. // Un arpenteur canadien établit un azimut à l’aide d’une table de point pendant la Première Guerre mondiale. Après la guerre, des centaines d’arpenteurs qualifiés ont mis leurs compétences à profit pour cartographier le Canada.
Publication Date 
28 Feb 2016

Article courtesy of The Maple Leaf

Canadian Forces Intelligence Command (CFINTCOM) was asked to share their expertise in the area of topographic mapping in an upcoming Ottawa Company documentary ensuring CAF accuracy.

Ottawa's Sound Venture Productions, in partnership with the Royal Canadian Geographic Society, unveiled a 10-minute preview of the Drawn to Victory documentary during a ceremony held at the Canadian War Museum in late November 2016.

Drawn to Victory is the first installment of A Nation Soars, a three-part educational initiative commemorating Canada's Great War Flyers. This 60-minute documentary will reveal how allied advancements in methodology and technology during the First World War led to the development of more accurate topographic maps using aerial photography. Many of these skills that were developed throughout the course of the First World War later paved the way for Canada to become a modern day world leader in cartography and geomatics.

"This really is an exceptional story to tell because the pace of Canadian and Allied mapping innovation during the First World War is unmatched during any other historical period," said Major-General Paul Wynnyk, commander CFINTCOM. "This is yet another achievement by our veterans of past generations that Canadians can learn and take pride in."

Mapping and Charting Establishment (MCE), a unit within Canadian Forces Intelligence Group, that provides geospatial information and geomatics support to the Defence Team and other government departments, was perfectly suited to support the production's request for a subject matter expert. Warrant Officer Terry Warner, a geomatics technician and MCE unit historian, was identified and made an immediate impact to this production on behalf of CFINTCOM and the CAF.

Speaking to questions of military development and employment of maps, WO Warner is one of five experts featured in the documentary. Imagery from within MCE is used throughout the documentary.

"It was such a pleasure to participate in the production," said WO Warner. "Within the Canadian Armed Forces, no ship sails, no aircraft flies, and not a single soldier crosses the line of departure without a map or data that has been produced by the Mapping and Charting Establishment."

CFINTCOM provides defense intelligence capabilities, products and services to the DND/CAF, Government of Canada, and allies in support of Canada's national security objectives.

The documentary has been made available in The CPAC Digital Archive. Chick here Drawn to Victory: A Nation Soars.