A Wildly Important Meeting -- CF Real Property Operations Group

Colonel Martin Gros-Jean, Comd CF RP Ops Gp (seated, left) and Chief Warrant Officer Gord Aitken, FCWO (seated, right) surrounded by the Regional command teams and CF HQ staff.
Publication Date: 
25 Nov 2017

By: Maj Henry Berghuis, CF RP Ops Gp HQ Coordinator

A wildly important goal! That was the focus of a gathering of the CF Real Property Operations Group (RP Ops Gp) Command Team in Ottawa on 18 October 2017.

A wildly important goal is one so important that not achieving it makes other achievements inconsequential. This concept is covered in depth in the book The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals by Sean Convey and Chris McChesney.

Led by Colonel Martin Gros-Jean, the gathering consisted of the Commanding Officers and Chief Warrant Officers from the Pacific, West, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Regions; the Chiefs of Staff from the North and Central Regions; and Staff from Headquarters. The team articulated the single most important goal for the more than 2,500 personnel in the RP Ops Gp team to pursue in the coming year. That is, to apply (i.e. expend and execute) 100 percent of CF RP Ops Gp allocated funds in Vote 1 and Vote 5 programs to the CAF’s real property by 31 March 2019.

To achieve that goal, specific metrics were identified, namely, lag and lead measures. Lag measures show performance to date; lead measures indicate areas where influence or action should be brought to bear. Put another way, lead measures point to levers that can be pulled to shape accomplishment of the goal. Behind the measures, the significance of relationships and capacity, within the military and civilian workforce plus Defence Construction Canada, could not be overstated.

Discussions were lively and enthusiastic, with the necessary direction and guidance applied to lead to a successful result. However, it was only the beginning of the work. Within the next few weeks, a compelling scorecard will be completed. The Group will then have a synchronized performance measurement system to allow the Commander and his subordinate commanders to pull the necessary levers to achieve success in fully implementing the CF RP Ops Gp Vote 1 and Vote 5 programs.