Captain Jacques Landry, CD

Capt Jacques Landry and John Lesperance

The Canadian Military Engineers Association recognizes Captain Jacques Landry’s outstanding support to the Canadian Military Engineers Association during his assignment as Military Engineering Branch Adjutant from 2002 to this present day.

In an era that has been marked by a multitude of changes, Captain Landry has been constant in his provision of a high level of sound support from the Office of the Military Engineering Branch Advisor. He has contributed enormously in a liaison capacity and his secretarial and archival skills have often been relied upon to support the work of the CMEA. Particularly noteworthy has been his support to the CMEA Bursary Selection Board whose work has been conducted with utmost efficiency due to his solid and skilled secretarial support.

Date Awarded 
Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Award Type 
CMEA Commendation
Rank at time of award