Captain Adèle Boivin, CD

    • Captain Adèle Boivin, CD

    After 16+ years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch, Captain Adèle Boivin, CD, will retire on 2 December 2019.  She will be starting her next career with ADM(IE) as a DCPD Project Manager.   Anecdotes and retirement wishes can be sent to Maj Adam Beaver, NLT 20 November 2019 .  Friends and family will have a small gathering to celebrate her career.


    In August 2003, Capt Boivin enrolled as a Direct Entry Officer in Construction Engineering after graduating in Industrial engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal in 1998. She felt compelled to join the Forces by the plight of women in the Afghanistan war and by her strong call of justice and duty. She had previously worked as a manufacturing engineer in the electronic and automobile industries for 5 years in Montreal.

    Her first posting, after graduating from her Airfield Engineer phase training in 2005, was to CFB Borden where she took on the role of Design Officer and Building Services Officer. She was promoted to the rank of Captain in 2006. She was posted to Ottawa in 2008 and transferred to the Logistic Branch as a Transport Officer in order to balance her posting as a service couple. After completing her Logistic training in 2009, she worked for CFSU(O) as a Transport Officer. In 2010, Capt Boivin was then posted to CANOSCOM as a Movement Officer in J3 OS MOV where she was responsible for coordinating the deployment and redeployments of domestic operations and exercises, mainly OP NANOOK.

    By 2012, Captain Boivin had rejoined the Construction Engineering branch and was then posted as the Deputy Facility Manager/Technical Authority for the North Warning System where she had the unique opportunity to cross the Arctic from West to East. In 2014, she was transferred in the all new Real Property Operational Group during the start of the growing pains phase of the ADM(IE) Transformation and worked in the capacity of the J9-2 at RP Ops HQ as the Assisting Compliance/Health and Safety Officer.

    In 2016, she was posted at CFB Bagotville with the Construction troop at 3 Wing where she played a key role as a member on a Board of Inquiry performing her duty through her unique insights coupled with her strong sense of justice. Afterwards, she had the privilege to deploy at OP IMPACT in Kuwait for the Air Task Force Irak (ATF-I) during 8 months where she was the J7/Lessons Learned officer and witnessed the victory over the Islamic State/Daesh.

    Upon her return from deployment, she worked as a coordinator for the G10 summit in Charlevoix and was then posted in 2018 to Kingston as the Plans Officer for RP Ops Det Kingston.

    Captain Boivin currently works for the Chief of Air Staff at the Directorate of Air Support since 2019 in the capacity of Infrastructure Advisor and will soon be transitioning to Director Construction Project Delivery (DCPD) as a Senior Project Director with ADM(IE).

    Adèle had 16 years of exciting and rewarding challenges in the RCAF and is leaving the organisation with a strong sense of pride and accomplishment. She has met many wonderful people during her journey and hopes to cross paths with them again in her civilian career. She has learned so much from her colleagues and would like to thank all the people with whom she has trained, worked and been deployed, for making her the person she is today.

    As she retires from the RCAF, she is looking forward to embracing the new challenges now offered by the public service, where she will continue to serve, along with caring for her two most precious gifts in the world, her children, Charlotte (11) and Colin (8). {zsp}