Capt Theodore (Terry) Gracie, CD

    • Capt Theodore (Terry) Gracie, CD

    After more than 23 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch, Capt Theodore (Terry) Gracie, CD (bio attached) will be retiring 3 Aug 17. Capt Gracie will be having an informal Retirement BBQ at the CFSME Plumbing/Heating shop in the ITA at 1200hrs 28 Jul 17. Congratulatory messages or anecdotes can be sent to the event OPI, Capt Markland Ledoux at  Please advise the OPI via e-mail if you are attending the event. A charge of $5.00 will be required IOT cover the cost of the BBQ.

    Capt Terry Gracie grew up in Alder Point, Cape Breton, NS. While he was still in high school, he joined the Primary Reserve in Jan 1994 as an Admin Clerk at 45 Field Engineer Squadron, Sydney. His Reserve service consisted of various Class B contracts in Camp Aldershot, CTC Gagetown and 45 Field Engineer Squadron. He completed his remaining two years in the PRes on Class C contracts at CFRC Det Sydney and CFRC Gagetown. He transferred to the Regular Force in 1998 as a Plumbing and Heating Technician.

    After his QL3 he was posted to 14 Wg Greenwood. During his posting he completed his Ql5, PLQ, QL6A and a 6 month tour to CFS Alert. In 2006 he was promoted to Sgt and posted to 81 AEF Trenton as the PH Sect IC. He held several positions during his time at 81 including PH Sect IC, Ops and Trg IC, Contract Manager at Wg CE, Flt WO, and A/Flt Comd. The highlight of his posting was his deployment on Op ATHENA from Sep 08 - May 09 as the Outside the Wire Construction Contract Manager. After completing QL6B in 2010, he was promoted to WO and posted to 1 Engineer Support Unit in Moncton, NB. Some highlights of his time at 1 ESU included SLOC Det Kuwait Tac Recce; a TAV to Kabul, Afghanistan; completing a Building Condition Assessment at the Canadian Embassy, Capt Terry Gracie, CD Tokyo, Japan; and completing the Military Engineering Tactical Leadership Course (METLC) in Ingolstadt, Germany.

    He commissioned from the ranks in 2013 and subsequently posted to CEMS CFSME. After a few years of bending the minds of CE Supt and CEOC students with JRAM he moved to CETS as the Utilities Flt Comd. Terry has accepted a position as a civilian Plumbing and Heating Instructor with CETS and will remain at CFSME for the foreseeable future. He and his wife June, son Jacob and daughter Kaylee are looking forward to settling down in “The Gornish”. He truly appreciates having been blessed to serve with so many great people and is very happy to be sticking around CFSME and serving many more years with “the family”. CHIMO!