Capt Shaun Wright, CD

    Capt Shaun Wright, CD will be retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces on 27 Oct 16, with 32+ years of loyal and dedicated service to the CAF and the CME Branch. Congratulatory messages, anecdotes, photos, and farewell wishes can also be forwarded to Capt Biollo

    Capt Shaun Wright, CD prendra sa retraite des Forces armées canadiennes le 27 oct 16 après plus de 32 années de loyaux et dévoués services au sein des Forces armées canadiennes et de la Branche du Génie militaire canadien. Les messages de félicitations, anecdotes, photos et salutations peuvent être transmis au Capt Biollo

    Capt Wright joined the Regular Force in Vancouver BC in 1984. He attended recruit training at CFB Cornwallis NS in June 1984.

    Upon completion of recruit training Capt Wright completed his QL3 in Chilliwack in the fall of 1984 and his CLC in fall 1986 then his QL5 in fall 1987. He completed his driver’s course, winter warfare in Chilliwack with 1 Combat Engineer Regiment 1 Tp Combat Rats. While in 1 CER Capt Wright was the section driver and the OC’s driver in the newly formed 11 Fd Sqn Headquarters. In 1989 Capt Wright was posted to Base Operations Chilliwack where he attended the FA Instructors Course in Borden ON. Upon completion of the course, Cpl Wright became the base FA Instructor a position he held until his return to 1 CER in 1992.

    Upon returning to 1 CER MCpl Wright completed per-deployment trg for Op COBRA. In October then MCpl Wright deployed to Croatia with 2 Troop for a 6-month tour, where he held the position of section 2 I/C and Mine Awareness instructor. A short year later, MCpl deployed once again to Croatia, this time as the CE Storesman. During this tour MCpl Wright was promoted to Sgt. Sgt Wright held the positions of Section Commander, CO’s TAC and Recce Sgt. In 1998 Sgt Wright was posted to CFSME in Gagetown NB where he was employed in the MWD cell. During his time at the School, Sgt Wright attended the HB course in Florida, the SLC course in QC and the QL6B course in Gagetown. After 3 short years in the school now WO Wright returned to 1 CER in 2002 as a Fd Tp WO then as the 18 Admin Sqn Ops WO.

    In 2005, WO Wright was chosen to attend the Army Technical Warrant Officers Course at RMC in Kingston On. Upon completion of the course, MWO Wright was posted to DGLEPM in Hull QC where he was the LCMM for the following pieces of equipment. ROWPU, mini ROWPU, Medical Incinerators, Water Baggers and Waste disposal trailers. After one year in this portfolio, MWO Wright was given EOD Equipment, a position he held until his return to 1 CER in 2010.

    MWO Wright was appointed SSM for the EOD Squadron and then 15 Support Sqn where he deployed to Afghanistan as part of the MTTF. Upon his return to Canada MWO Wright was posted to LFWA HQ as the Ops MWO a position he held until he commissioned to his current rank.

    In 2014 Capt Wright was posted to CE section Wainwright as the 2 I/C, a position he held for two years until his return to RPOU (W) HQ.

    Shaun is Married to Cathy and has two daughters; Simone (27 living in Edmonton) and Monique 19 (living in St Albert). Shaun has accepted a position with the city of Medicine Hat as a Fleet Equipment Technical Specialist.