Capt S.G. Leblanc, MMM, CD

    • Capt S.G. Leblanc, MMM, CD

    Capt Gary Leblanc, MMM, CD will retire on 15 February 2021 after 36+ years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch.  Anecdotes and retirement wishes may be sent to the OPI, Major JP Cote at no later than 30 Jan 2021.


    Capt Gary Leblanc enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces in 1984 as a non-commissioned member and a Combat Engineers. He served twice with 5e Régiment du génie de combat in Valcartier QC, 1 Combat Engineer Regiment in Chilliwack BC, twice with the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering in Chilliwack BC and Gagetown NB, 3 Field Engineer Regiment in Montreal QC as a Regular Support Staff, the Combat Training Center HQ in Gagetown NB, twice with 1 Engineer Support Unit in Moncton NB and Kingston ON, Military Personnel Command Ottawa ON as the Combat Engineer Career Manager and following a Special Commissioning from CWO to his current rank in 2017, he is ending his career as the Deputy Officer Commanding
    at Real Property Operations (P) in Esquimalt BC. Capt Leblanc deployed to Bosnia in 1992 and to Afghanistan in 05 and 06. Gary completed two Nijmegen Marches held yearly in the Netherlands and due to the 2020 Pandemic, he completed a Virtual Nijmegen Marches from Victoria. One of the most memorable moments in Gary’s career is being a recipient to the Order of Military Merit in 2015. Gary retires from the Canadian Forces after 36+ years of service, with absolutely no regrets, and thankful for all the opportunities experienced, remarkable friendships gained along the way, but mostly grateful for his wonderful wife Angela and their son Gabriel for being alongside him through all those years. Gabriel is following in dad’s footsteps as he is a member of 4 Engineer Support Unit in Gagetown NB. Immediately on retirement, Gary, Angela and their Bernese mountain dog will be moving into their newly built home on the outskirts of Harrison Hot Springs near Chilliwack BC to laydown more permanent roots. Gary will be joining Real Property Operations Unit (Pacific) detachment Chilliwack in April 2021 with the Reserve.