Capt R.P. Trotter

    • Capt R.P. Trotter

    After more than 9 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and Canadian Military Engineers, Capt Rob Trotter will release from the CAF on 23 September 2021. Messages and best wishes can be sent to Capt C.K.B. Hunerfauth at

    Capt Trotter enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces in 2012, as a Construction Engineering Officer, midway through his degree at Carleton University.

    During his Phase 4 training in Gagetown, NB, he completed an Occupational Transfer to Engineer Officer. Upon graduation in 2017, he was posted to 1 CER where he commanded 23 Mechanized Field Troop within 12 Squadron. During this first year, he was deployed twice to British Columbia on Op LENTUS where he acted as a liaison officer to both the RCMP and Wildfire Emergency Services. The following year, in preparation for moving into 1 CER’s Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Squadron, he was given the opportunity to complete the Conventional Munitions Disposal courses, both Basic and Advanced, in Gagetown and Florida respectively.

    Upon return to Edmonton from the USA in late 2018, he began training with 1 CER’s newly stood up High Risk Search Troop. In 2019, after conducting Winter Warfare Training in Cold Lake, Capt Trotter attended two back-to-back exercises leading a combined EOD and HRS troop on Ex ORNARY RAM and Ex MAPLE RESOLVE. In preparation for deploying to Iraq on Op IMPACT with the Route Clearance Package Training Team (RCPTT), he and his troop leadership were validated on Ex ARDENT DEFENDER in Borden, Ontario.

    Scheduled to deploy in January of 2020, the tour was delayed due to increasing tensions and escalations between the USA and Iran. Deploying with a small advance party in early February, RCPTT worked to conduct handovers, and pushed to resume training with the Iraqi Army. Shortly after the arrival of the main body, COVID-19 caused many nations to cease training. This training halt, combined with two successful attacks by Shia Militia Groups in mid-March, was enough to cancel the tour. RCPTT returned to Canada mid-April 2020.

    Capt Trotter finished his career at CFSME in Gagetown in September 2021. Going forward, he plans to take time to visit friends and family, snowboard, and seek employment in the civilian engineering sector.